Friday, January 29, 2010


I was able to have a very restful sleep last night that included dreams! I love to dream, but rarely do, or at least I don't remember any when I wake up. When I awoke this morning I had so many creative thoughts to write about or talk to someone about. I felt inspired and full of positive thoughts. They were all racing around in my mind and I wished I could have bottled them up.. so that I could sort them all out later. After being awake now for awhile they are starting to fade and my mind is racing with all the activities I need to do today. Bummer! It was so good while it lasted. If I were a writer I would look forward to these times and just tell everyone...leave me alone for as long as it takes for me to create my story, because Now is the time.
I just have to quickly update my past few days of activities, because this blog has become my diary of sorts. I like to look back here occasionally and say...Oh yes that was what I did that day or week.
I missed 3 days of "work outs" at the gym, but got back at it yesterday. My old injuries have flared up and I need to think about what caused it. I have arthritis in one knee that feels like a sharp bone puncturing me. I had severe tendinitis in my left ankle and foot that I had therapy on a few years ago that helped tremendously. That has flared up a bit. And last but not least, the three toes that I broke 20 years ago, have been hurting. SO I may have to rethink the way I have been doing some of the exercises. I have been going now for 2 months and had not had any problems until now. No weight loss yet either...but I LOVE going. I really enjoy it and look forward to going so much. I would be upset if I couldn't go for some reason.
We had our Auxiliary meeting on Monday and tried to get in gear for our Lenten fish fries. I have a co-President who helped me out the first year as she had done this before about 10 years ago. I was her secretary during her term of President. I used to have a terrible fear of speaking in front of a group, or being in charge of an organization like that. I am very happy to have conquered that fear for the most part. My partner is very assertive and outgoing, and I am she told someone the other day.."diplomatic". Is that good or bad? I guess diplomatic is good. So I will accept her compliment graciously. Ha.
The other thing that I have been doing is working on the quilt, and it is coming along nicely, but will not be completed for some time. I have one row across assembled.
And last but not least...the orchid is still blooming beautifully. I need that to look at each morning for inspiration.


Rudee said...

You should write down the highlights of your beautiful dream. You can revisit those points when you have more time to reflect on the meaning.

There is nothing wrong with being diplomatic. It's a gift.

Patty said...

I wish I would dream. If I do, I have no memory of any when I wake up. Once in a great while, I will remember snips of one, but not too often. I use to dream a lot.

Reader Wil said...

Your quilts are very beautiful and inspiring! The post about dreams is interesting. This afternoon we saw a programme on TV about sleeping and dreaming. It's wrong to drink coffee or alcohol before going to bed.

The Bug said...

As a person who is NOT diplomatic & definitely think it's a compliment! I don't intentionally stick my foot in my mouth, but it happens a lot. Sigh.

Sandy said...

I have had that happen too, when I wake up full of ideas I want to accomplish and it's like I get so scattered with them all, I accomplish nothing. Nice reading you.. Yes diplomatic is good for sure.

Gramma Ann said...

My understanding is we dream every night, but unless we wake up during or as soon as it is over we don't remember them. Even sometimes when I wake up enough to remember I was dreaming, until morning I have forgotten the dream. But, sometimes they seem so real, that I never forget them.

Take care of your knee and toes, they are all we have for now. My knees are starting to ache now also.

Have a nice week-end. Has the terrible weather they are predicting for the week-end hit St. Louis?

bettyjf1 said...

I like Rudee's idea on writing down your dreams. I have strange dreams a lot of nights. ... I dream about people in my life who have passed and always a strange dream --- not the same one excactly but I am always running late for something; confused and lost--- unable to find something or someone.. I should look that up.. That's really neat you're working on the lent Fish Frys at your parish

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