Saturday, January 9, 2010

For The Record.........

Just for the record....I was NOT one of the fans of "Lost" ...twittering my protest of it's "Three Hour Season Premiere" show airing on the same night as "The State of The Union". But it sure does sound like somebody messed up, somewhere.... to have this become a news item. If the State of the Union is typically done the last week in January, then I would imagine ABC felt it was okay to schedule Lost on February 2nd. I really don't understand what caused the conflict with dates, but it does not look good in my opinion for several reasons. NO TV show should take a front row seat to The President talking to the nation....EVER! As much as I have been looking forward to seeing the final season of this show, it is just a show, and I don't understand why the White House would allow this to become an issue. I could not find out when the State of the Union will be telecast. It will be announced at a later date, is what I read. Oh dear..................


Gramma Ann said...

I don't watch either show, so I don't much care when they are on. Would rather read a good book, than watch either one.

Renie Burghardt said...

Sorry Brenda, I also don't watch either one. My daughter likes The Lost. I'mre the State of the Union will be repeated on the news stations anyway.

Our bitter cold is moving on! Yay!

Happy Sunday.



Rudee said...

Maybe they'll fix their schedules, because it will be pre-empted. I don't watch Lost, so I'm not concerned, but I know a lot of people do.

Jo said...

Gosh, I don't watch "Lost", and as a Canadian I don't usually watch the State of the Union address either.

But I agree with you, someone dropped the ball...!

Anonymous said...

uh..... I'm so distracted by this hotty on the front of your post.. I forgot my comment!!!!
I'm not a watcher but, I'll have to re-think that!
Nice to know as old as I get, my eyesight is still good enough to um.. appreciate this guy..
O.K. back to your post..
I'm pretty sure I'd watch the speech and tape the show.

Brenda said... guys don't know what you are missing! But you would have to go back and watch 5 years of it to figure it out this year. Ha Betty...yes that is Sawyer. He is my favorite. I love his one liners.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about his one-liners but OH YES.. I COULD look at him all day.. Grinning.. OH too bad I'm so old.. It's not right that we have to wait until our 50's to be allowed to express our dirty old lady thoughts.

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