Friday, January 22, 2010

Just A Quick Update

I managed to get four blocks done on the quilt I am making for Maddie. Just this much has taken me 2 days. The first day was spent cutting. But I remember taking my first quilting class to make an Irish Chain, about 25 years ago, and was finished with the whole top in one weekend. I didn't even go back to finish the class. Age is slowing me down, and I am not sure why. This style of quilt with all the points is a little hard to do because they have to all "match up."
Taking this photo has helped me to see the bigger picture. I know by looking at the blocks butted up together like this, that I do not want to continue using the darker green fabric. I wanted this to be mostly pastels and those just don't look right to me. I am trying to use the fabrics I already have and not go out and buy any more. I think the quilts that I have made in the past that were already planned out beforehand though have turned out to look the best. I am not so sure of this.... cut and sew whatever I have, but time will tell.


Gramma Ann said...

I think it is lovely. The few darker greens, don't bother me, but, I am not a quilter, so you probably see things a little different than me.

Rudee said...

Well I think it's beautiful and the recipient will be sure to treasure this forever.

Renie Burghardt said...

Looking good to me, Brenda, but we all have color preferances, etc. Maddie is a lucky little girl to have a grandma make her a special quilt.

A rainy forecast for today, but Greg came for the weekend and we're going shopping!

Enjoy your weekend.



reanaclaire said...

now u reminded me..i have a few quilts done by my Mother in Law and i have kept them in the cupboard.. nice quilt u have there too.. carry on sewing!!
claire from sending regards to u..

Sandy said...

I love it and I agree about the green, if you want more pastel but I also think it looks just fine. I'm wondering why you think age is slowing you down, do you mean mentally, logically, etc., or more physical. Because if it is mental by any chance working out is really going to help move energies around.

Well that goes for physically too.

I can't wait to get out today, the sun is shining and it might just be a "skippy" type of day. Wish you could join in.

PhilipH said...

Looks very good to me Brenda. I am sure I would not have the artistic touch nor the patience to attempt what you're doing.

Well done and congratulations.

Winifred said...

It looks lovely Brenda. I like the scattered dark contrasts. Also it will go with lots of different colours in her room.

It looks like a lot of work to me so 2 days isn't bad going. Takes me ages to decide what I'm doing never mind sewing it. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt! AND your new heading. It's beautiful. Hope all is well

Patty said...

I think it's going to be beautiful when all finished and put together and Maddie will love it. Four squares would have taken me at least a week or longer. I'm rather slow when it comes to sewing.

Jo said...

Ohhhhhh..... that's beautiful...!!! I rather like the bits of darker green. I think it punches it up a bit and complements the pastel colors.

It's wonderful...!


Myra said...

Oh my gosh! Quilt blocks! Awesome! Good for you Brenda! They look wonderful! Good for you! 8-)

Reader Wil said...

How clever you are, Brenda! Maddie will be very proud of her grandma when she realises how much work you have done making this beautiful quilt!

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone! I am still undecided about using the darker green and have found some purple. Who knows...hope it looks okay when I finish.

Mary said...

I think age is slowing us all down! I have so much trouble just getting started on something any more. I love this quilt and it will be very pretty when it is done. The colors are lovely. I've actually gotten 2 quilts started so far this year! Now if I will just finish them as well, it would be great :-)

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