Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PBS Series...This Emotional Life

Last night I watched a PBS series called This Emotional Life . The photo above isn't in the series...I just like looking at it. I wanted to watch this because I bought the book "Stumbling on Happiness" by Daniel Gilbert when it first came out in 2006. I read that this will be a 3 part series, but I see it is listed to run through until Sunday night. Psychology was my favorite subject in High School and I took one college class (or maybe it was 2) after I got married. If I would have continued a college education I am sure that I would have pursued a career related to psychology. Last night's show covered several topics, attachments in infancy, Aspergers syndrome, Bullying, and relationships. The one topic that I have been thinking a lot about lately is Bullying. Bullies have been around forever. I know it is not a new thing, but I personally feel it has gotten much worse and happens far too often, in schools and in the workplace. I hope they explore this topic a little bit more in this series, because it really saddens me to hear these reports on the news. I would be interested to know what it is about the bully that causes this behavior. Is it a form of mental illness that could be treated or is it an evil spirit that takes over the bullies soul. I really do believe in the devil and many evil spirits that roam the earth just seeing who they can influence and take over. One eye opening book that I read in my early thirties was a book by Scott Peck called "People of the Lie". Scott Peck was a psychiatrist that wrote several bestselling books in the 70's and 80's. I have all of his books.
I don't have time today to write as much as I would like to on this subject, but I hope to come back later here and write some more. I took the Christmas decor down yesterday and now have to clean up the place which will take me 2 days at least!
The orchid is in full bloom now and I hope to take a photo soon!!!


Myra said...

Shucks! I wish I would have watched it now!!! I debated between that and the start of the new Bachelor series... Guess who one!

Renie Burghardt said...

Darn, I was going to watch it, too, but forgot. I always loved phsycology as well, Brenda. I do believe Bullie's need to be treated by a phsychologist. It is a mental disorder, in my opinion.



Patty said...

As for bullies, I think there are some people who are evil and mean no matter what. But some you can change.

Our granddaughter has this one girl in her class, that is always shoving and pushing and sometimes the other child will fall down and it seemed to tickle the girl doing the shoving. So the teacher got her together with the ones she had been picking on and the girl claims, that's what her Grandmother does to her, so she thought it was all right. Apparently the Grandmother takes care of her. I hope the teacher reported this to someone so they could investigate and I hope the child wasn't lying to keep from getting into trouble.

The Crusty Crone said...

oh crap. I missed the first one. I'm hoping to catch tonights episode. I like these kinds of programs.

Winifred said...

That sounds really interesting Brenda.

I think there's all different kinds of bullying, all of it is horrible for the victims. For young people it can leave permanent damage. If you're at work it's very difficult to cope with too even though you're an adult.

What I find difficult to understand is why those who have been bullied often go on to be bullies.

Sandy said...

Well even though I don't believe in the devil, I sure have known some bullies in my life. I think it is their ego running rampant, and a lack of compassion, or simply cut and dried sociopathic behavior.

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