Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ready For A Boat Ride and Some Sunshine....

About this time of the year, I start to get crabby from lack of sunshine and colorful flowers and green trees and grass. This is a s.l.o.w time of the year here in the Midwest waiting for spring to arrive on March 21st. Two more months. I would like to start planning a mini vacation that includes renting a boat on a hot summer day with the speed of the boat making my hair stand straight out. Maybe staying in a condo for 2 nights, reading, knitting, sewing, watching movies with my hubby. Seeing something new. Yep I am ready.
I know it is selfish to have these thoughts when there are people in Haiti and many other areas in the world who are having hell on earth right now. But I would still like to have a couple of days away. Not much else going on right now. I am still working out every chance I get and we had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating our little Maddie's 2nd birthday.


Rudee said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

I hear you about needing a break. I'd like a little warmth, sunshine and tropical flowers to break this monotonous weather.

We have had a lot of sunshine, but it's so cold that it's hard to enjoy.

Gail said...

The last two days have given us a taste of spring. It was wonderfully renewing.

Heres to an early spring.

Patty said...

Happy belated Birthday Maddie. I'm not ready for a boat ride, but sure am for a little sunshine.

Sandy said...

Happy birthday to Maddie, wow, time has flown.

I don't blame you for wanting a few days in paradise. We were so lucky, ever since Christmas up until this morning, we had the most gorgeous sun filled days, perfect temps and now we are facing at least a week if not more of rain every day, some days, biblical...

I had been walking a lot every day and now I've got to figure out what to do to keep active.

Jo said...

That is my favorite thing to do on a hot summer's day -- going for a boat ride across a lake. It's Heave on Earth.

Roll on summer...!!!

Happy Birthday, Maddie. :-)


Jo said...

I meant Heaven on Earth. But you knew that. *heh*

PhilipH said...

Many, many happy returns of the day to little Maddie.

Two years old, or rather young. What a simply wonderful age that is. Sometimes think it would be so super to stay so young, innocent and beautiful.

Spring is just around the corner ... we hope!

Renie Burghardt said...

Happy Birthday to your precious Maddie! The terrible two's are actually a lot of fun! Hehe.

I am so ready for springa and the past week we have had a taste of it with lots of sunshine and 60s temperatures. But the green is missing. I can't wait to go to the cabin on the Current and ride the jet saki! Or just hand out.

Hope you get some sunshine soon, Brenda.



Renie Burghardt said...

I meant "jet ski" and hang out~ Gee! Got to get used to this new laptop.

Reader Wil said...

Happy belated birthday to Maddie!
This month of January is said to be the month when most people are depressed, but they can do something about it by finding odd jobs which are pleasant: cook something nice, buy a wonderful dress or suit, read a great book, do something you really like.
Have a great week!

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes for Maddie and for your visit to my blog. We have had so much fog....yuck! Need sunshine soon!!

Rositta said...

Aaah sunshine, yes that would be nice. I'm angling for a week in Cuba after my eyes get better. It is sad about Haiti but I think a little selfishness is allowed...ciao

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