Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remember Whensday

I am not sure how to do
"Remember Whensday"
but I am going to guess that
"When" means a long time ago.

This may be as far back as I can go with any photos that I have. This is my Grandpa, my Mom's Dad, when he was in World War I. I really don't have much of a story to tell with the photo, because I didn't spend all that much time with him. He died when I was 18, and we only visited him maybe once a year if that. He smoked a pipe every time I was around him. He seemed really jolly, and had a humped over back. I would guess it was osteoporosis, but I don't really know for sure. I started doing Genealogy a few winters ago and would love to continue it soon. But for now, I really don't know much more than this. World War I would definitely be the oldest photo I have in my possession.


Renie Burghardt said...

I'd like to join in on this, when I have the time to dig for old photos, which I have a very few of.

Your Grandpa looks nice in his unform!

Happy Whensday!


Becky and Gary said...

Hi Brenda
This is a great old picture of your grandfather. You mentioned beginning a genealogy, and I reccommend keeping up with it. You will find so many interesting facts that you probably never knew.
Mu hubby and I began one on my G-grandfather about 10 years ago, and worked on it for over 3 years. I finally feel like I know him now, when before this search I didn't know he exhisted!
Good luck.
About my blog. No I don't have nightmares LOL. It was all very interesting to me.

Gail said...

It is wonderful to view old photos and have memories to go with them.

Mary said...

Old photos are always so interesting! They show us a time that is so different from now. I'm glad that you are doing Remember Whensday. I've been enjoying it and wish more people would join in.

Winifred said...

That is a lovely photo.Most of our family photos have disappeared. The result of my granddad remarrying I think!

Rudee said...

Smoked a pipe and was jolly? That reminds me of someone...

Your grandfather was a handsome man in his snazzy uniform, Brenda. THanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

Good looking guy. I enjoyed reading about him.

I'll start my photos for Remember Whensday next Wednesday.

I need to drag the boxes out and have things to do today.

Gramma Ann said...

That was a nice picture of your grandfather and the story that went with it. I am going to have to do some digging around for some of my old pictures. Most of them are in albums, so that shouldn't be to difficult. Just pull the plastic organizer box out from under the bed. hehe

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone! I hope I remember to do this next week. Ha

Patty said...

So often old photos have no names written on the back or dates, so it's hard to trace them. Happy week-end.

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