Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High Five

Rudee tagged me for this meme to list five highlights of 2009. At first I thought I may pass on it because, quite frankly, my life is pretty boring. Oh yes, I know I told you all about the hair dyeing disaster, and the shaving of my eyebrows, accidentally, (forgot to read the instructions), but...other than those little incidents my days are packed full of errands and cleaning and boring housework activities. But.. after some thought, I came up with these 5 highlights.

1. Getting to spend lots of quality time with my family. Enjoying our grand daughter every chance we get. Watching her grow from a one year old to a 2 year old was the best experience I have had in a very long time. She makes my heart glow, and brings all of us closer to each other. Also...finding out that we will be grandparents again...and another little girl. Our family is growing!
2. Bob and I getting confirmed and having our children be our sponsors. We converted to Catholicism 23 years ago. With all of the classes, baptising of our children, and getting remarried, ....the sacrament of Confirmation somehow got overlooked. We would occasionally wonder about it but didn't check into it until this year. The church keeps records and our priest looked into it and said that there was no record of it. It was really cool to have our son be my sponsor and our daughter be Bob's.
3. Going on vacation for my birthday. It isn't every year that we get to go...and I really had a great time.
4. Conquering my fear of running a meeting. I really don't like speaking in front of a group of people and never have. I avoid it, dance around it, even get ill if I think I have to talk. I finally did it! I feel pretty good about that.
5. Joining a gym. I haven't done exercise on a regular basis for several years and it just feels good to go and feel my muscle tone getting better.

Now for the passing on phase of this meme. Please just take part in this if you are reading this and feel inspired to do one. Just let me know so I can visit your blog.

Thanks Rudee for tagging me. It is good to reflect back on some positives!!!


Rudee said...

See? Your life isn't all that boring. I don't recall you blogging about your confirmation. That's just awesome!

Thanks for playing along!

The Bug said...

I enjoyed reading about your year. But I want to hear more about you accidentally shaving your eyebrows :)

Anonymous said...

I saw that Rudee had listed you! I love your highlights. Your life isn't boring at all! Your blog is very NOT boring.

Jo said...

Boring? I don't think so...! I really like the thought of being confirmed. It's never too late. What a lovely idea.

Renie Burghardt said...

You've had some great highlights, Brenda. And you have another one coming in the near future, with a new granddaughter! Quite an exciting year, really, and not boring at all.

Have a fun visit with your friend!



Patty said...

You came up with some good ones. Your life isn't as boring as you thought.

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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