Thursday, March 18, 2010


I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this....sorry Bob.   I finally talked Bob into going to the Dr. to have his eyes checked.  I went with him and he let me help him decide which ones to get.  I liked the Jim Carey look, and so did he.  I have corrective vision with mono-vision contact lens.  My vision is close to being legally blind without correction.  I can only see things right in front of a book.  So mono-vision is great for me.
With mono-vision, one eye is fit with a distance lens (if needed) and the other eye is fit with a near lens, providing clear vision for both distance vision and near.
At first glance, mono-vision seems very strange. But unusual as it seems, most people receive amazing results. Here's how it works:
We all have a dominant eye as well as a non-dominant eye. (You can quickly determine eye dominance with this quick eye dominance test.) When we look into the distance, we are actually using the vision from the dominant eye more than we are using the non-dominant eye. The non-dominant eye still functions, but the dominant eye sort of takes over. Our brain pays more attention to the visual information received from the dominant eye. So if the non-dominant eye is fitted with a near-powered lens to correct our near vision, our distance vision will not be disturbed that much. Mono-vision, then, involves wearing a contact lens on the non-dominant eye to correct near vision, and a contact lens on the dominant eye (if needed) to correct distance vision. Mono-vision works because the brain is tricked into thinking that the contact lens is actually a part of the natural eye. (For this reason, mono-vision does not work in an eyeglass prescription for most of us.)

This process is still hard for me to understand...but the brain is very complicated to me.  I signed up for a study for people over the age of 55, and how ageing affects their driving skills.  It is conducted through Washington University and I go next week.  It will take about 4 hours.  If it works out okay...I may let them do a scan of my brain and study it.  I just hope I don't have to go through one of those tunnel things.  Claustrophobic......


Jo said...

Cool glasses!

My right eye is my dominant eye, and I notice it more every year.


Renie Burghardt said...

I like the glasses!

I don't have too many vision problems, thank goodness. Just use reading glasses.

The study should be interesting.

Have a great weekend!



The Bug said...

The glasses are great!

I was pretty much legally blind without my contacts (I'd say that I could see about 5 inches from my face). Then I had Lasik & it was life-changing! Heh. But as the years have passed I've noticed that my vision is going back to its old habits. The good thing is that my left eye (the non-dominant one) can still see up close pretty well, so I haven't needed reading glasses. So I guess I have monovision going on without the contacts.

Sandy said...

Nice glasses. Mono vision, hmmm... I just use magnifiers, I don't know what my vision is other than not that great.

The study sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

That's fascinating, I didn't know that. Hope you don't have to go through a tunnel too. I'm claus.... too.

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