Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Proof Is In The Jello......

Cleaning up around the house today.... I ran across Parade magazine and read this in the Personality Parade section.

Tricks of Pageantry

Q Is it true that many Miss America contestants spray their bodies with hairspray to keep from jiggling and with WD-40 to keep their gowns from sticking to certain areas?--David Evans, Los Angeles, Calif.

A Too true. The TLC special Miss America: Behind the Curtain made these shocking revelations, and this year's winner, Caressa Cameron, 22--a former Miss Virginia and the eighth African-American to take the crown--didn't mind a bit. "I was really excited about the show," she tells us. "It was good for people to know that there are little tricks of the trade that make sure we look our best. WD-40 is absolutely awesome."

My point of writing this is.....why wouldn't a model want to jiggle?  Not wanting to have your gown stick to you, is understandable to me. With so much plastic surgery these days, is it all about not having any life left in our skin.  No movement.  The dead look.  Barbie doll comes to mind.  Is that the look that some people shoot for?

Then there was this email forward that a friend sent me about Walmart People.   I don't like to make fun of people....but.....this is scary.  I didn't know someone created a web page just for this...but apparently they have.    The email I received just had a few photos with some funny remarks attached to them.  I have to admit...or confess...I did crack up over some of them.

The moral to this story is.....  I think we should suggest to Walmart that they hire some models to give out free samples to some of the people who need some of these beauty secrets.  Maybe the models could learn something.  Like worrying about a little jiggle.... is it really  that big of a deal????


Rudee said...

That Barbie...she's so plastic.

Poetikat said...

Hey Brenda! Just wanted to say sorry for not visiting you much lately—I'm in the process of getting my poems in order so I can publish them, so I'm not doing much blog-hopping.
It's not that I've dropped you or anything.
I have stopped following blogs in order to eliminate distractions (I'm very easily distracted), but I do have you in Google Reader so I can keep up, okay?


Patty said...

Can't believe I just wasted about 30 mins. looking at some of those photos. Wow, to think they are actually out there wandering around in stores and other places.

Brenda said...

Ha...yes she is.

Sorry I haven't visited you much either. But I did know that you were busy writing. I read that on your blog. I hope I left you a comment. I will visit soon!

Kind of shocking isn't it! I wonder if those photos are doctored. Hard to believe people dress like that. I thought maybe they were just dressed up for Halloween and went into the store. Yikes....

Sandy said...

hahahah, I've often visited the Walmart site, it is a guilty pleasure of mine, in fact it's bookmarked in my favorites.

Good question about the jiggle..who wants plastic...

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