Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Change

I fell asleep way too early last night and awoke too early this morning.  Right now it is 7 am but still dark outside.  If the time had not changed of course it would be 6 am.  Spring forward and the time changes around the world information can be found here.  I am almost always confused about this and no matter how many times I read all the reasons behind it, and which areas in the world change their time....I am still confused.  All I know is that I love having more daylight hours.  I really love the summer nights when it is almost 9 pm before you have to come inside the house for light.
I have been busy with our Fish Fry at church because this year we are trying to have 2 raffles to raise money for charities.  I have to get there at 2 pm to set up and make sure everyone has what they need in the dessert room to have it all ready for the public at 4 pm.  Our raffles are not going very well.  We thought we would try it, but now is just not a good time to ask people to hand over another dollar for a "maybe" chance of winning something.    Other than that....I have been working on Maddie's quilt and have one more row to add before I start sandwiching it and quilting it.  I also have been knitting Isla's baby blanket and have a few more blocks to do on that and then all of the edging. 
Once a week, for the past couple of weeks, I have been joining in on "a movie a week" watching with our son.  Bob and he have been doing this for about a year, but most of the movies they watch are more "guy" movies, so I have never joined in, but the last few weeks I decided to.  I have been trying to be a little more open minded lately.  Those little sayings on my sidebar, like Mother Teresa's saying about "When you judge people, you don't have time to love them".  Those quotes are more for my benefit than for anyone that may come here to read my blog.  I need little reminders all the time to keep me focused on a better attitude.
Yesterday we watched a Michael Moore movie called "Capitalism: A Love Story".  In the past I have dismissed the thought of trying to watch his movies, but I wanted to watch this one and then may watch all the others, just so that I can say" fairly" whether I like them or not.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I just make up my mind I am not going to like something before I give it a fair shake.  I plan on putting a little more effort into this this upcoming year.  It is getting really hard to not get into a political conversation these days  Everyone is so heated up over so many issues...debates are flying all over the place.  I will try and put some effort into learning a little more and listening to both sides of debates and then making my own decisions.  I got a little bit of a scolding the previous weekend at a social function from a young couple sitting next to us at a dinner, about not getting real involved in politics.  He told me I should care more for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  So.....I think I will put a little more effort forward and listen to all view points and then speak my mind.  I have lots of personal opinions like everyone else....I just don't fell like trying to debate them or encourage others to think like me.  Maybe I just don't like debates or confrontations....we will see...after I am more armed with information.


Gail said...

I detest debates.

My husband asked when once why I argue when I think I am right. I said I only argue when I KNOW I am right.

Rudee said...

I try not to be too political. Michael Moore brings up some important points, but usually loses me about half way through with his theatrics. I thought Bowling for Columbine his best, until he took the viewer back to Flint and talked about the failing automotive industry again. How was Capitalism?

I can't wait to see Maddie's quilt!

Brenda said...

Ha...good point!

There were a few parts in the movie where I wondered the same thing. I hate to be so critical....but....if I were going to do a movie I would double check and then triple check all my facts and statements before I put it out there. Or try...anyway. This movie made me laugh hysterically when he went to the different companies with an armored truck and money bag, wanting to get the money back for the people. And try and make a citizens an old Andy Griffith episode where Gomer went around trying to make a citizen arrest. There were some funny parts.

Reader Wil said...

I used to be political and joined all demos agaist the armsrace. I wrote letters to our government. protested against the nuclear tests of all nations involved and joined debates. Now I am still against the wars we are involved in like Irak, Afghanistan, but I am so tired of debating, though I am still the same person. I have suffered enough by the war and was a prisoner of war for almost three years. So for me I favour a policy of peace.

Patty said...

Well like they say, when you discuss politics or religion with friends or family, you will end up losing some. So I stir clear, I don't speak my mind, I just listen and watch.

Sorry I haven't been
around for a while. This week has been very busy and hectic. Hope you had a relaxing week-end. And thanks for your visits.

Renie Burghardt said...

I love the time change, and the longer daylight hours!

As for political stuff, and Michael Moore, ahem, I am not a fan of either.

Have a great week.


Russell said...

Like you, I have never watched a Michael Moore film. Well, okay, you watched Capitalism so you are one ahead of me! But I think your reaction is identical to what mine would be.

Any time the producer or writer of a film is the central figure - as opposed to the subject matter - that makes me suspicious.

I respect what Michael Moore is trying to do -- create awareness -- but I do not like the way he does it. I get the feeling his facts are twisted and shaped to fit a pre-decided conclusion.

I won't ramble but enjoyed your thoughts!

Brenda said...

My heart goes out to you and everyone that has been affected by war. I am just happy that you are enjoying your life now. I love visiting your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

Also...the same as Wil. My heart goes out to you because you were also a prisoner of war. Hope the weather is getting more spring like in your part of the woods.

You sound like a good listener. I have always thought I have that quality also. Not everyday...of course...but most.

You summed up my thoughts exactly. I did feel like "the whole story" was not revealed on some of his stories. I am the type that wants the whole enchilada and not just want you want me to hear. I think I am the Queen of Skepticism.
But like you said...I do appreciate anyone bringing forth an awareness to anything we could benefit from being aware of. Some of the things he revealed...I was not aware of and needed to be.

The Bug said...

I don't like to debate either - mostly because I'm not very good at it. Even when I know all my facts, I can't seem to present them in a way the makes the other person listen. But the good thing about having "discussions" with people with different opinions than mine is that I will go back & do research to see if they're right.

California Girl said...

First of all, is the view in your masthead from your home or a vacation spot? It's beautiful.

Second, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Third, I love Michael Moore's POV. He is definitely over-the-top but that's too get people talking and I think his points are very valid, unlike the Rush Limbaughs & Glenn Becks of the world who spew venom and really do stir up the fringe element.

Fourth, don't worry about debating folks who comment. Just speak your mind and see what happens.

Last, LOVE daylight savings. Wish it were all year long.

Brenda said...

Yes....that is the good thing about discussions. We can always research the topic later. I have a feeling you are better at it than you think. You leave great comments on blogs.

Thanks! My blog head photo is one from the balcony of a condo we stay at in The Lake Of The Ozarks. It is a very peaceful area.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you Brenda! I also like visiting your blog and your kind comments on mine! Have a great week!

Sandy said...

What a great post and I for awhile was really involved in politics (within my own mind and "debating" sometimes with family). It didn't get me anywhere but extremely confused with all the different view points. Where you are going to jump in and learn more, I had to back off because I was too aggressive with it. I imagine you will find a more balanced even ground with it.

Hope your raffle goes good.

I enjoyed the video up top, I love watching that kind of dancing.

Happy St. Patrick's day to ya.

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