Tuesday, April 6, 2010


  One of the prizes we were raffling off at church, was an iPod touch, which I knew nothing about, but had to sound like I did, occasionally, when someone asked me about it.  Have you ever been in those situations where you felt you had to sound half way intelligent about a subject, but realized after all the crap came out of your mouth that you should have just said...."Hey, I don't have a clue what this thing does, but I hear it is great!!!"  My husband switched over to an iPhone about 6 months ago and I have watched him use his and have been thinking I would like to have one for a couple of different reasons.  It has an Internet so you have almost everything you use a computer for... right in the palm of your hands.  We have never owned a car that has a GPS system, so the first weekend he had his iPhone we were out for a fall drive and got lost and pulled over and looked on the map and got back on track.  We go to the bookstore whenever we get a chance and have coffee and conversation and we wonder about something we are talking about, and he gets out the iPhone and looks it up and there we have an immediate answer to our questions.  After 6 months of observing this, I wondered if even I could figure this little gadget out.  I finally took the plunge about a week ago, for two pretty good reasons.  One....I buy  a lot of books and then end up hauling them out of the house because I don't have room to keep them.  I can download books on the iPhone and read them in bed, or while waiting somewhere.  Two...we figured out after the initial start up fee we would be paying the same as we are now with my simple phone.  So...I have been having lots of fun learning how to use this little device.  I have downloaded an app that keeps track of my food intake along with my exercise for each day.  It tells me how much fat, carbohydrates, sodium, calories, etc.  I have had each day.  Very cool!  Then I uploaded an app that keeps track of what we purchase at the grocery store and emails me coupons for those items.  I have to admit I haven't had time to really use this one yet.  I have been too busy playing with the app that lets you load a photo of someone and then place their face in an old photo setting like this.

One thing that has been on my  mind a lot lately is the way that we have been communicating in the past few years.  With email, blogs, face book, twitter, and texting, I sometimes think we are missing out on some old fashioned porch talk.  I just wonder how this is changing our social abilities when we are actually face to face with others........


Rudee said...

I agree about the communication arts being lost. However, I get the equivalent when I spin on Saturdays, go to, or host a spinning party. We gab and spin yarn(s) for hours.

I'm deeply envious of your new gadget. My personal phone is not nearly as fancy and I'm not allowed to download apps for my work Blackberry (which is fancy).

I'm green I say, green.

The Crusty Crone said...

My 5 yr old grandson tried to show me how to play a video game. "hurry up grandma. No, do the flashman." None of which meant anything to me. But maybe we bonded a little more. (maybe when he's gone I'll practice so I can win. ha)

Technology changes soooo fast.

Brenda said...

I see these being bought and used for nurses, and Drs. and anyone needing medical information fast, in the very near future, if they aren't already being used that way. Well, for that matter all business related dealings. I wonder if your Blackberry has apps for medical information. I know nothing about any of these phones.

Ha...yep the kiddos sure have them figured out don't they. Technology moves too fast sometimes. By the time I have "sort of" figured it out...it is old news.

Renie Burghardt said...

It is an imprssive gadget, Brenda. But not for me at this time. I am out so much with friends, gabbing away, and my laptop is sufficient for other socializing, or question asking.

I think you know quite a lot about it already!



Ruth said...

Well that looks like a lot of fun. I think in a few years we won't judge these gadgets as much as we tend to now. They'll just be a part of life. But I hope they'll help us connect more with loved ones, and make us want to spend more face time together.

Sandy said...

I tend to only want to visit by email or blogging. Social get togethers for me are a thing of the past, I love my solitude whenever I can get it.

I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to do with an Ipod. Maybe some day I'll try it.

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