Saturday, April 17, 2010

Night At The Museum...Battle of The Smithsonian

Last night we watched this movie that came out in the theaters about a year ago.  I loved the first one and this one was every bit as good.  It restored my faith that Hollywood can still produce a film that all ages can enjoy.  The humor was possibly more for adults, but youngsters could find so many things about it that were fasinating.  I plan on buying this one when we make the plunge to buy one of those large screen fancy televisions someday.  It was funny that I had a thought while watching it that seeing it on a big screen like at the movie theater or at home would have enhanced it...and then as soon as the movie was over, my husband said the same thing.  Maybe we are inching closer to making the big plunge.


Rudee said...

This was a good movie, though the first was my favorite.

How big of a TV are you thinking? Mine is 37 inch flat screen, but oh how I wish I'd waited for a 3 D TV.

Sandy said...

I haven't seen those movies. Maybe some day if we move and have the room we will get one of those big flat screens. We have a good sized one now but now a flat screen.

Jo said...

I loved this movie. I thought Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart was wonderful. And Hank Azaria and his lisp just cracked me up.

Did you know it was filmed right here in Vancouver? Yes! :-)

The Bug said...

Dr. M & I like this movie a lot too! When we moved we got a smallish flat screen tv - it fits in our space better (doesn't stick out into the room.

Renie Burghardt said...

I haven't seen this one yet, but I loved the first one. Will have to look for it. Flat screens are nice! I like mine.

Have a good Sunday.



Brenda said...

Thanks everyone. Rudee, we haven't taken it serious enough to think about what size, but I know I am getting ready to research into it. It seems we are very outdated with what we have now...slightly more advanced than the old consoles..

I didn't know it was filmed in Vancouver. Someday I hope I get a chance to visit your area. My husband went there for business one year and raved about how beautiful it was. I loved Amy Adams as Amelia also and the man with the lisp really cracked me up.

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