Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching Up

I will attempt to recall how I spent my last few days, because you know how exciting my life is.  All events must be recorded, so you can breath a sigh of relief.  Ha... ha... snort.. snort. My computer was wacky on Saturday and Bob tried to fix it and as you can see he succeeded.  It kept shutting down over and over and over.  I was just going to accept living my life without it because, many times I feel this computer sucks away too much time.  My computer genius hubby worked his magic and voila....it works.  But yesterday when I had a chance to breeze around the web and blogs and realized my blog was looking a little odd, so I went in there and tried to maneuver a few things around and ended up losing the little thing that says who I am.  You know...the little avatar and two sentence summary of who I am and what my purpose is.  On the layout it is there, but when I go to my blog it is not.  Someday I may try again to fix it.  Aside from those things, we have been trying to just catch up on some relaxing time here and there, or at least I am.  My husband never relaxes.  He pretty much goes 24/ 7.  I have been staying away from the kids and grand kids because their other Grandma is here visiting and I want her to have some quality time with them because she lives in another state and I can see them any time.  They only live about 5 minutes away and I will see her at the baptism in another week and a half.  We have had rain for 9 days straight and now we are suppose to get a break for 36 hours.  Today it is sunny, but the lawn is too wet still for me to mow it, so I will wait until tomorrow.  There has been some flooding here, but no one I know personally has been affected by it.  I recall us having similar non stop rain the past couple of years, in the spring time. 
I have been struggling here and there with the baby blanket I was knitting for Kayla.  It is just not piecing together like I hoped.  Perhaps I will turn it into something else...a stuffed animal maybe. 
Well, as you can see I have nothing of any real significance to talk about here, so I will try to get busy and get something useful accomplished.


Rudee said...

I've been listening to your eclectic musical offerings. I love, Celebrate Me Home and Big Yellow Taxi.

And Eye of the Needle is one of my all time faves. Perhaps it's time to reread it!

Glad your computer got fixed. It's rainy here, too.



PhilipH said...

Brenda: glad your hubby worked the oracle and fixed your lifeline to the outside world! It's so scary when the magic machine packs up on you and your world crashes with it.

It can be so frustrating finding the cause of the problem. Could be over-heating, dodgy power supply or whatever ... so congrats to your OH. Did he make a charge for his services? ;-)

Brenda said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I love all those songs and that playlist is a free service. I love Bette Midler but they didn't have very many of her songs.
Eye of the Needle....oh I read that book in the mid or late 70's when it was in a condensed Readers Digest issue. Back then we didn't have the big book store chains like we do now. The "Book Clubs" (mail orders) were popular. Wow have things changed fast. I am now trying to buy books on the reader of my iphone just to keep the clutter out of the house. We still have hundreds of books even though I still haul them out for donations.

Hope you are well and your wife also. I did read where your friend has gotten better. Glad to hear that. My hubby got a big smile and a big hug for his efforts.

Renie Burghardt said...

Glad your pc got fixed. I have had problems not with my laptop, per se, which is new, but with Verizon Wireless. It's been a pain, going dormant all the time. I finally had the tech guy on the phone with me for 2 hours, and it's acting better. I told hime no sense in my paying 70 bucks a month for high speed internet, when it was slower than my back-up dial-up!

Our weather has been mostly nice, although we've had abundant rain as well. Keeps my son Greg busy cutting the grass, which is growing like crazy.

Hope the pc keeps on working.



Sandy said...

I'm glad for one, that you got your computer fixed. I stopped here the other day and everything was gone except your posts, all your blog roll, etc.

I've been staying away from my new ones too, although I saw both together last weekend. I want to give them space and then I'll be more hands on later.

I still need to post photos of Cole.

Stuffed animal, well that sounds like a good idea. Hope you show us pics.

Anonymous said...

Awe, cool rain sounds good.. Got to 106 yesterday--- hopefully it was my car's reading that was off.. Hope you're enjoying your grand baby!

Sandy said...

How's that baby?

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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