Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Having a Little Fun.....

I lost my desire to cook several years ago and I usually dread going to the grocery store and trying to find something for the upcoming week for us to eat. Last week I tried a few new recipes and didn't care for them and I don't think anyone else did. This week I went through some of my really ancient cookbooks that I had started collecting from antique malls. I found one from 1970 that entertained me with the illustrations. I decided to show them off here and let you join in on the fun.

Who cooks with a hat and pearls and that outfit???? Help me think of a line for this one.

Ever heard of synchronized baking?

This man is sitting on.........air!!!!!
The short cut seems to be....they don't get any food. What does she have in her hand? Looks like nothing to me....

This picture looked strange to me because one side of the table has scouts in green and the other side in black. The ones in green look slightly older than the ones in black. My guess is the smiling Mom in the beautiful dress and perfect hair has one of each. Just curious what some of you get from this photo. Come on...I bet you can think of something....just for fun.

This one cracks me up because that basket looks really small. I don't know about you, but when I go to the store I rarely get small items to fit in that basket. I think she just wanted to get all dolled up and see if anyone noticed that hat that seems to match her dress with her 15 inch waist.
This one puzzles me because I don't know what the man is doing (I think drawing) but the lady looks like she is sitting on the table and it has a slant. Does it look slanted to you?
This one the lady with the dark hair looks like she is a little too friendly with man on her left...

This lady must be a juggler or something. Strange way to carry in a bowl..... And I think she is carrying it with her arms in back of her or her head is turned all the way around...her boobs are the back....what the hell?????

Needless to say, I found nothing in this cookbook to cook. It had things like "Bologna Roll with Corn Fritters".


Gail said...

It is wonderful that the cook books can be so entertaining.

I have lost my desire to cook and grocery shopping is accomplished only when a gun is held to my head.

Winifred said...

I really enjoyed that posting and you've made me feel much better Brenda. I thought I was the only wife, mother and grandmother who doesn't like cooking, shopping for food and clearing up.

I see all those gorgeous meals on people's blogs, they seem to enjoy it too. Makes me feel a little guilty. I'd much rather be playing with my grandchildren or on the computer. See it's time to eat and I just can't face it. Cheese on toast I think!

I do like eating though. Food lways tastes much better when someone else makes it!

Winifred said...

Just noticed the time on my comment, 6.26am! No I'm not up early and desperate to eat, it's the time difference. Lunchtime here now.

The Bug said...

I really hate to cook & get groceries. Dr. M used to be in charge of those activities, but now that he's teaching full time we have to share duties. Blech.

You know, I could totally go for Bologna Roll with Corn Fritters. Can I have the recipe? Heh.

Renie Burghardt said...

I like the old pictures. Most of the cooking I do these days is a bit of grilling at the cabin, and I put togehter a huge salad to go with it. I go out to lunch a lot, otherwise, like I did today. When my kids come to visit, we grill a lot too. But I do enjoy reading old cook books, of which I have a lot. But who eats like that anymnore?

Have a nice afternoon.


Sandy said...

wow, that was really interesting seeing these and enjoyed to read what you are seeing. I have cookbooks from my mom that look like that.

Gramma Ann said...

That was such a fun post. I will have to get my old cookbooks out and look at the pictures.

The sixth picture down with the mix a lot or something and all the kids and dog, It reminded me of "Kate Plus Eight"

Rudee said...

I loved seeing all of those pictures. You were able to read a lot more into those photos than me, but after you point your visions out, I completely see what you see.

Myra said...

Glad you found some humor in your cookbook...if nothing else there Brenda!!! lol! 8-)
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Jo said...

Brenda, these made me laugh. I just love anything from the 1950s. It was a whole different world, wasn't it? The "happy housewife" was such a myth.

You're very observant to have noticed all those things in those pictures. I wouldn't have noticed any of them. :-)

Brenda said...

I have a feeling you have a nice vegetable garden. Sorry I haven't been to visit you much. I appreciate your visit.

I think after cooking for 40 years, it just does not hold any excitement for me. I wonder how many meals we have made over our lifetime.

I will send you the recipe. Hehe

I wish we had a grill. I love smelling grilled food.

You mean you don't have any books like that? Ha. We cooked in 1970 didn't we? Hehe...I know there were very few drive thrus back then. I was just beginning to learn to cook in 1970...or 1969.

I never thought of her...but I know very little about how she is. And I have seen on the news about someone called Octo Mom?? These pictures are a hoot.

The funniest one to me was the lady with the bowl....

I did get a kick out the illustrations, and could not find one decent recipe.

The funny part of this cookbook is that is a Good Housekeeping cookbook, and they still publish magazines and cookbooks. I would have thought they would have found some of those illustrations odd...but guess not.

Thanks for your visits everyone!!

Reader Wil said...

Very nice drawings! I liked them!

Betty F said...

OH this IS rich... I don't remember women dressing like that in 1970 LOL
Paul's glad when he doesn't come home and find me still in my PJs...
Loved your post

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