Friday, July 30, 2010

Kat's New Book

I received Kat's first published book of poetry, "shadowstalking" a week or so ago. I am just now finding the time to post a few photos of myself reading it. I haven't read all of it yet but what I have read is very good. So far my favorites are "Talk's Cheap" and "Underwear". I can really relate to the Underwear I feel I am inching closer to the end of the poem's underwear. (Depends) Ha...seriously!

Have you ever tried to take a photo of yourself reading a book from your laptop web camera? Not an easy thing to do.
Your talent has finally paid off Kat. It must be really really exciting to have a book published!


Kat Mortensen said...

Thanks so much, Brenda! I'm so happy that you have a copy and that you're enjoying it. "Underwear" is a definite favourite with most people and that ending is sad, but true, isn't it?

Love your pictures and yes, I HAVE tried to take a photo of myself, but not with a book (not yet, anyway).

I'm busy promoting, but sooner or later things will settle down and I'll get back into my blog-visiting routine. (Anyone reading this who knows me, please take it to heart.)

All the best,


Gramma Ann said...

As I told you on facebook, I am so jealous. I'm just kidding, but I am anxiously waiting for mine. It should get here soon.

I was trying to blow bubbles and take pictures at the same time. You can view my results here at, However, I haven't tried to take my picture using the computer.

Have a great week-end.

Sandy said...

Congrats to Kat for this book and enjoyed seeing you read it.

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