Monday, July 5, 2010

Peace and Quiet

As much as I love firework displays that are put on by the city with professionals in charge..... I really do not like the ones my neighbors blast off all hours of the night that sound like we are being bombed, and leave me cowering in fear that the house is going to catch on fire. We have had this issue on the ballot to vote against the use of fireworks in subdivisions, but it never passes. So for now.....we have peace and quiet. We were on a staycation the past week and just did a few outings in the city. One day we went to the Zoo with Katy and the girls and one day to the History Museum to see The Vatican Splendors. Sunday was my birthday and Katy and Brian and the girls took me to lunch and gave me some pretty cards. Our son had to work most of the day and came home with the beautiful roses in the photo above. I don't remember ever getting white or ivory roses before and they are really beautiful.

Here is a picture of our gorgeous little Kayla. Bob and I watched them on Friday night while they went to a wedding. Kayla will be 2 months this week and is cooing and smiling and moving around pretty well. She loves to be held and rocked and talked to.

Maddie is pretty entertaining and very talkative. I call her Hollywood Maddie sometimes because she likes to show all of these dramatic emotions and acts like she is a character on TV sometimes. I always want to capture some of them on video but she really doesn't like for me to have the camera on her. It must disturb her thought processes while she is creating. She loves coming to our house and we love that they live so close and can come over often.
Other than that, I have really slowed down with my blog visiting and posting and I don't really know why. Maybe just went through a blogging slump...but we will see if I can pull myself out of it soon.


The Bug said...

The children & the roses are GORGEOUS!

I'm glad we were at Lake Erie on the 4th. We found the remains of many bottle rockets in our yard when we got home yesterday - I would have been a nervous wreck like you if I'd been home!

Renie Burghardt said...

I hardly visit blogs anymore, and don't post much either. Your grandbabies are both beautiful! Nice that they live so close. I spent the 4th weekend at the cabin on the river, with some friends. Boats going by had fireworks. It was so pretty to watch, but I don't like the noise either. No fireworks at home, thank goodness. Everything is so dry and huge forest fires could result, so thank goodness no one dared to shoot them off.

Take care!


Rudee said...

Oh, your babies are just gorgeous!

I can't believe Kayla is 2 months old already. That picture of the two of them is precious. You are a blessed woman, Brenda. But then you already knew that!

Those flowers look like oceana roses. The color is so pretty.

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Sandy said...

Wow Kayla is gorgeous and looks so much like her sister. Sounds like a nice staycation. I went through the not blogging much and now I've picked up again because my laptop is working good and I can sit on my bed and blog instead of at a desk which I can't tolerate.

I miss your posts though...

Sandy said...

and of course silly me, happy birthday....

Winifred said...

A belated happy birthday Brenda. Those roses are really beautiful.

Those photos are lovely. I haven't been blogging much or reading blogs either recently but I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

Winifred said...

Forgot to say your blog header photo is gorgeous. I want to go and paddle in that water!

Gramma Ann said...

The babies are just beautiful, I really like the one of Maddie lovin' Kayla. They are precious.

I am like you, I like the big fireworks, but, hate all the loud BOOMS that people set off for two or three days.

I only blog on My Reading Corner anymore. I more of less closed all the others down. I am to busy reading to keep up with every thing anymore. I am getting so lazy, I don't ever leave comments much anymore either. ; (

Poetikat said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Brenda!

I'm with you on the fireworks. I don't mind park events, but our neighbours started the night before Canada Day and had fireworks right through every night until the 5th of July! The cats hate them and so do we!

Your grand-daughter is one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen. You must just want to eat her up!


BJ said...

Happy belated birthday.....most sweet one!

The picture of Maddie kissing Kayla is so precious! I bet she is happy being the big sister!

Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

Darling babes there Brenda...

I am sure to have a grand-baby myself in the year after my oldest is married in August... I'm sure of it, and I am not ready for it either!! It is not time yet... but I know I don't have a say in the matter!!! LOL! 8-)

Rositta said...

Gorgeous babies, both of them. Most bloggers slow down in the summer, that's just the way it is I think...better things to do. I'm not getting around as much these days either but I don't worry about it...ciao

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