Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vatican Splendors

This is the outside of the Museum.

This is the inside of the Museum.
  I liked this shot because it caught the pillars on the outside through the windows
 and part of the ceiling
 and on the right side is the statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Today we took a drive into the city and visited our Jefferson Memorial History Museum where we currently have a "Vatican Splendors" exhibit.  It was a self guided tour with headphones and audio to explain some of it.  Of course no photos were allowed, but we purchased a book at the end that had everything we had just seen.  I really wish we would have been allowed to take photos though.  It reminded me of the Quilt Shows I attend at Paducah, Kentucky that sell books with all of the exhibits with photos.  I just prefer to take my own photos.  But the book we purchased today is excellent and a sovereign to keep.  I was wondering how I was ever going to remember everything I was reading and seeing and with the book I can just reference back to all of it.  The Vatican Splendors is a "Journey through Faith and Art".  Vatican art, history, culture and religion are presented through extraordinary works by masters including Michelangelo, Bernini, Giotto and Guercino, and objects dating back to the first century. From the venerated relics (bone fragments) of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to Michelangelo's art and tools used in work on the Sistine Chapel, this exhibit comprises one of the largest Vatican collections ever to tour North America. Many items have never before been on public view.  I love the mosaic art they had on display. 

You weren't allowed to touch anything but you could get really close to the artwork.  I studied the mosaic for quite awhile and wondered how difficult it must have been to put all of these tiny little pieces together and line them up so beautifully to create these images.  Much harder than quilting, although I have also studied quilts and wondered how in the world they could have ever created them.  I have never tried to quilt anything beyond the basic patterns.  And sometimes have headaches from those.  The display from the Vatican was informative and beautiful.  I am so glad that we got to go.

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Sandy said...

That is a gorgeous mosaic. That is too bad you couldn't take your own photos, I wonder why? But at least you got the book. Must have been a great day out. How's that new baby...

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