Monday, August 9, 2010

Blooming Wisteria with Bees In August

We have a large wisteria that covers our fence around our pool area that usually only blooms in the spring time. This year it has kept a few blooms throughout the summer season. I was able to get a couple of shots of some bumble bees enjoying themselves. Before I noticed the bees.. it was usually surrounded with wasps. Before the summer days and after the full blown blooms at spring time.. it had some sort of bugs that the birds seemed to love. I never did see the bugs up close...just the cardinals eating them. We have also had a lot of crickets this season...chirping loudly during the daytime. Maddie is at an age where she loves to explore and see nature. She is full of excitement and brightens my days. Kayla is growing too quickly already but has the most adorable smile. I just never seem to be able to capture it on film. I am a lucky lucky Grandma to have two little beauties.


The Bug said...

Wow - that wisteria is still beautiful! Our neighbors was gone by mid-June, I think.

Gramma Ann said...

The violet blooms are lovely, but be careful of the bees, wouldn't want anyone to get a sting.

The grandchildren are fun aren't they? Maddie is just at an age where I'm sure she is full of all kinds of questions. It makes the days fly by watching them grow up so fast. Enjoy them while you can, has always been my motto.

Renie Burghardt said...

Yes you are a lucky grandma! I feel the same way.

Your wisteria still has some beautiful blooms. It's been so hot and dry, not much is blooming around here. My grapes turned to raisins on the vine.

Enjoy the rest of the week with sweet Maddie and Kayla.


Sandy said...

Those are pretty photos. Would love to see that smile! ...Do you still have your other blog? I guess I can go look at your profile. Last time I did I noticed it was private.

Winifred said...

Oh yes grandchildren keep you young. They keep you grounded too.

Those photographs are lovely Brenda.

bettyjf1 said...

Beautiful flowers! Grandparent hood is awesome... isn't it?

Rudee said...

The wisteria is gorgeous.

You are indeed a lucky woman to have such beautiful grandchildren!

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