Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall This Week....Really?


Yesterday we attended a church picnic and I finally got to see Maddie play with other children.  Here she is trying to tell them something, but I don't know what she is saying.  I wish I did.  The little boy in red is her age but she takes to the older children a little better for some reason.  Sometimes little boys scare her because she says they "roar" at her.  I got them started playing together by picking the long stemmed tiny white flowers from clover and tying them together to make a necklace.  I used to do that when I was a little girl for hours. That and look for four leaf clover.  The picnic was well attended with a lot more of a younger aged crowd, with young children.  The weather has been very strange here.  Saturday I headed down to Main Street to attend the Irish Festival which is usually a lot of fun for me.  In the past years they have had Cloggers and other Irish dancers and great live music.  This year there was very little of anything but HEAT.  It got up to 90 and I was drenched in sweat.  Then Sunday it was cool enough for a light sweater.  Today, back to 90 as I was out mowing the lawn.  I didn't see any more wooly worms today though.  What I did see though...well....better leave that story for another day. 


The Bug said...

Looks like a nice time. I still look for 4 leaf clovers whenever I'm in a yard - I have dozens pressed into my old Bible back home. Heh.

Gramma Ann said...

I have never made one of those necklaces, you will have to do a post showing how to do it.

The young ones all look so cute, and I like how the little boy in the red i bend over taking in everything Maddie is saying.

Myra said...

Sounds like a nice time at the picnic with the wee ones... 8-)

The weather is so weird here this fall too... 8-(

Take care!

BJ said...

Loved your story...and had to snicker a few times when you said that Maddie got scared because someone "roared" at her. Kelli's little boy is 2.5 and he "roar's" at me each time I walk through the door! I'm not kiddin...just last night I said to Kelli, "why does Elijah always roar at me?" We laugh each time I ask that question. He always has a tiger(Diego) or Sid(Sloth) from Ice Age in his the movie. Little boys are definitely different....but I could just eat him up! Thank goodness for little boys!

Sandy said...

So that's why your knee hurts, you couldn't control yourself and got in the middle of the street and started clogging. Ah I get it now...

Cute photo of Maddie, from the back...

Brenda said...

Clogging....ha I wish. Maddie tries to get me to run and I can't even do that. The old gray mare ain't what she used to be!

I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T MAKE THESE...growing up on farm???? I will show you sometime.

Thanks for your visit. I know you have been one busy lady!

I love it when you visit me here! Ha...about your little one roaring at you. I knew it was a cartoon or something they have seen. Little girls and little boys are so different.

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