Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our Fall TV shows have started this week.  On Monday night I watched "House" and loved it.  I think the part I loved the most was when he finally told Dr. Lisa Cuddy he loved her.  Last Fall I didn't watch the show very often, nor did I watch any of "Dancing With The Stars" or "American Idol".  I don't remember what I watched or why I didn't watch that much TV.  But...still I do enjoy "House" when I have a chance to watch it.  Today I am at home trying to take it easy because I was watching the grand children yesterday at my daughter and son-in-laws house and my left knee went into some pretty excruciating pain.  The kind that makes you want to throw up.  Like a severe migraine headache.  I took some Advil and it got better, and the pain just came and went so I have not made an appointment for an orthopedic Dr. as of yet.  I got home and researched knee pain and read a few articles about what a Dr. may be looking for during an exam.  I already know I have "noises" coming from my knees.  When the house is quiet and I am going up the stairs, I hear what sounds like an old house with creaky floors.  Even going up and down stairs does not always cause my knees to hurt...just every so often.  The pain I had yesterday was very strange because I had it even when I was sitting.  So I am thinking maybe a joint or ligament?  Where is Dr. House when I need him.  Now I have to research which Dr. to pick or even if I should go at this point.  Maybe I should just wait until the pain never lets up, which is what I usually do.  Then you a sure there is definitely something wrong.


The Bug said...

I've had a similar struggle with a toothache. I had a new filling put in last month & now it hurts to bite down on it (sometimes), it hurts throughout my jaw & up into my ear (sometimes) and sometimes it wakes me up in the night because it hurts so much. I finally bit the bullet & called for an appointment (with a new dentist - not letting the other guy back in my mouth!). If it's not my tooth well then I've eliminated that & I'll see about an ear doctor.

The Bug said...

BTW - hope your knee pain resolves without you having to go to the doctor!

Brenda said...

I love your new photo. I have a dentist story also. I already blogged about it last year. I am getting ready to go to a new dentist. I will probably have a follow up story after I go. Hope you get some relief soon from your pain!

Sandy said...

Ouch, hope it gets better without a lot of treatment.

I did watch DWS this week but not sure I'll follow it.

It's been busy around here and will get busier in the next month.

Rudee said...

I hope your knee feels better, soon. I know how that feels and it's awful.

I missed House. I'm going to have to see if I can find it on line. I can't believe I forgot to record it!

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