Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again....

This is a photo of my Mom and Dad from the early 40's.  My guess would be they are in their early or mid 20's.  Probably taken not long after they met and before he went into the Army.  They look very happy and I don't question..   how much they loved each other.  They lived in a time when words of love just weren't spoken.  I only remember hearing my Dad tell my Mom once that he loved her.  They never said those words to us kids, except when we got older and times changed.  I think I was actually one of the first to "break the ice" and tell them I loved them.  They didn't have an easy life, but they weathered through all the difficulties that came their way.  Not long before my Dad died he told my Mom she was his best friend.  I think that meant the world to her.  They had lots of arguments, and name calling and not so happy times also, but I think it says a lot when you can get through all of that and still love each other at the end of your life....which they did.  Each of them passed away in November right before Thanksgiving  4 years apart.  I thought about them both a lot yesterday when I was taking care of our grand daughters.  The youngest one, Kayla, looks so much like my Dad at times, and then at other times I saw my Mom.  When Bob got home from work they were all still here and I had not said a word to him about my feelings of seeing my parents in Kayla to him.  He said   "Wow....Kayla really looks like your Mom today."  Katy thought when she was born that she looked a little like my Dad.  
Our windows have been opened this week and I love the sounds the wind makes blowing through the trees.  And the fresh air...nothing beats that smell.  Still I always feel a little melancholy at this time of the year.


The Bug said...

I like that Kayla reminds you of your parents. It's one of the reasons that it's nice to have children & grandchildren - to carry their ancestors into the future.

Myra said...

We all have someone in our lives that remind us of another family member that has past... Take comfort in this, for it keeps these loved ones near and dear to our hearts... 8-)

BJ said...

Hugs to you my friend! We do have so many similarities in our lives. My mom passed in the middle of November & my dad passed at the very beginnng of December....many years apart. And....this time of the year does make my heart a little heavy....because I know that they would love and enjoy all of their grandchildren & great grandchildren so much! I lost my parents so young....but I know that a part of them lives on in my grandchildren...and that makes me very happy!

Gramma Ann said...

You reminded me that my Mother died in November also, Nov. 18, 1984. She would be 105 years old if she were still alive.

When I look in the mirror I see my Mother looking back at me. When I was a youngster about 10 or 11 years old, someone said to my Mother, "As long as Ann is alive, you will be alive, she looks so much like you." I couldn't see it then, but I see it now... LOL... I finally understood what he meant.

Like BJ said.. Hugs to you.. I hope you soon feel happier.

Rudee said...

I think I know exactly how you're feeling. September is the anniversary of my mother's death.

Sunday, I'm leading the Litany Responsive Reading at our hospice memorial service. I hope that I can get through it without blubbering like a baby. Somehow, I think our hospice families would understand if I did.

Hugs to you, Brenda.

Sandy said...

This was a nice post and I like the photo. I wonder why our parents didn't tell us or each other they loved them. So strange.

There is something this time of year that feels melancholy or something.

Could be the angle of the sun and it pulls up memories held in our psyches ...end of summer, school starting and then long long nights ahead.

Winifred said...

That was a lovely post Brenda. My Mam died at the end of November too and it's a month I hate. Like you I feel it's sad time not just that the year's dying but memories of happy times we've lost. I can't seem to get interested in Christmas until it's past and December comes along.

Your photo is lovely they do look so happy. As you say they had good times and bad times like we all do. The good thing is they stuck together and got through it. They didn't live in the throwaway society where young people give up if things don't go perfectly for them.

You're right that they lived in a time when emotions weren't made open but it's also a personality thing too. Sometimes it's not easy to say what you feel and it's not always necessary, sometimes a look and a smile is all you need to share.

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