Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Observing Art

My pictures turned out pretty bad on Saturday.   But when I think about it...I don't know what I am ever going to do with the thousands of pictures I already have of quilts at shows I have attended over the past 25 years.  These larger Quilt Shows that I attend really overwhelm me.  I never have enough time to really just enjoy looking at the quilt and taking in all of its beauty.  Instead I walk through and take photos of the ones I really like and then come home and look at them on the computer because I can zoom in and get a good look sometimes.  I think the next show I go to I will just skip the photos and enjoy the show.  But here are some of the ones that didn't turn out too bad that I liked.
This really is blurry...but I liked the effort that the artist put into it.  Kandinsky is one of my favorite artists because I like the colors he uses.  I love bright colors.
I loved the colors and design in this one.  I could be wrong...but I doubt this was made from a pattern.  I think maybe the quilter designed this.

I really can not figure out how this was made or what techniques were used.  I looked at the book that talks about the quilt and the person who made it.  I couldn't find this number in the book???  So ...all I can say is I love the colors and design.

Ditto on this one what I said about the previous one.  I just enjoyed the colors.

I wish I knew if this was all hand appliqued or not.  I love applique and want to get back into it some time.  I took a class a few years ago but have not attempted making a quilt yet.

This one looked better at the show...than in this photo.  I enjoyed the appliqued blocks.

 I went upstairs and took this photo of all the vendors selling their goodies.  Everything you can imagine that you could ever want or need to sew quilts with are sold at these shows.  This was the first show that I have attended that had 2 booths selling yarn supplies for knitting and crochet.  One booth I visited  had the prettiest shawls and neck wears that I have ever seen.  She sold them in kits and was asking at least $65 for each kit and I just could not bring myself to purchase one.  I asked if she had a web site and she doesn't.  She is just traveling around to shows I guess, because she does not sell at a store either.    You can not take photos of any of the vendors so I can't show you what I saw.  Maybe I will see something similar in a magazine or book someday.  They really were very attractive. 

I took about 200 photos but like I said before... most just did not turn out very good.  If I would have had more time I would have liked to take a tour of the Capital Building.  I read that it is one of the nicest ones in the country.


The Bug said...

Those are some pretty spectacular quilts! I'm with you - I love the colors on those first two. Gorgeous!

Reader Wil said...

Very beautiful! I have an aunt who makes quilts too. She must see your photos! They are really brilliant!
Please keep taking photos the next time you go to a show.

Rudee said...

They're all so beautiful. The use of such vibrant colors reminds me of Kaffe Fassett. Maybe you'd find some of the patterns in his books.

Renie Burghardt said...

The quilts are beautiful, Brenda. I especially love the first three. And the shot of the Capital Building is really good as well. You must have a really good camera, because your pictures are always great!

Have a nice evening.

Myra said...

Wow!!! Awesome quilt photos you've taken there Brenda!!! Thanks for sharing! 8-)

Poconoangel said...

These quilts are beautiful! I do a lot of sewing and crafts, but have only done patchwork quilts. I just do not have the time in my schedule right now. -- You take beautiful pictures! Maybe you could compile them into a book? - Would love to see some more of your quilt photos! Thanks for sharing!

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for your comment on the miners. I even heard that at first they couldn't be rescued before Christmas! Imagine all that time in the darkness.

Sandy said...

Wow, great photos and I bet that was fun fun fun to go to!

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