Monday, October 11, 2010

Road Trip With Dumb and Dumber


Katy and I took a road trip to Des Moines on Friday for me to go to the quilt show there on Saturday and for her to visit friends in Iowa City.  We left at 10 am on Friday with directions I had printed out using Mapquest.  It was supposed to be a 5 hour 14 minute trip according to Mapquest.  We arrived at our hotel at 6 pm.  So that was an 8 hour drive.  Even though we had the babies, one 4 month and one 2 1/2, we didn't feel like we had to stop that often.  It seemed like maybe 3 stops to change Kayla and feed her.  Maddie was pretty content watching her DVD's and napping.  So on Sunday we thought we would try a different route.  Katy has a Toyota Prius and we left programming her GPS system for directions.  It started taking us to Kansas so we decided to not use that and Katy started searching on the iPhone.  At one point we were heading to Denver and at another we were heading to Minneapolis.  We pulled over and tried to rethink the whole situation.  I suggested I would be better off just having some simple hand written instructions that I could follow in case she was busy with the babies and/or her paper work she brought to try and finish.  You know how easy it is to miss an exit when you have never driven the route before. I just had to have some very basic simple plan for myself.  We came up with this and it got us home.

We had hoped it would be shorter but all the mix ups at the beginning with dumb and dumber had us getting to Iowa City 6 hours after we left Des Moines.  It was suppose to take 90 minutes.  We had a few laughs about it all that was a plus.  When we were heading to Denver..we said "Hey that sounds good...let's go there."  Kansas did not sound so good, so we x'ed that right away.  We thought Minneapolis has great shopping so considered that route.  At one point we did get a wee bit stressed while Kayla was crying and Maddie continuing to ask "Where are we going???"  and I saw a shopping mall off to the side of the highway...and said   "SHOPPING".  We will just stay here for a few days until we can figure it out.  Or phone the family and say "We can't get back...we don't know how it works."  (A line from Wizard of Oz)  Notice I titled this post "Dumb and Dumber".  You may be wondering at this point if it really was the instruments or us.  Let's just leave it at the instruments...k? 
The drive there was really pleasant.  I had never been to Iowa before and was amazed at how neat and beautiful their farms were.  It is funny how you notice things that aren't familiar to you.  I saw a cloud of smoke ahead of us at one point...and thought it was a fire or something.  It was nothing more than a truck on a gravel road.  Right off the highway we saw these gravel roads that I assume are owned by the families that own the farm.  I am guessing that they have the right to pave or not pave that road.  We just don't really see that here.  Most of our roads are paved and they are called service roads and are maintained by the city.  I will guess that because of the size of the farms, which by the way are HUGE compared to ours, they just can't maintain their own roads by paving them and keeping them maintained. I said before, if you are not used to seeing notice and then wonder about it.  I just don't think I have ever seen as many beautifully maintained farms as there are in Iowa.  I will try later to record the Quilt Show.  Have to get busy catching up right now.


Rudee said...

Definitely the equipment, though I find if I listen to my GPS, it's me who has goofed it all up.

The Bug said...

That's just hilarious - sounds like me & equipment. I remember one time I had left the GPS on "shortest" instead of "quickest" & it was taking me on all these little back roads. But it didn't try to send me to Kansas :)

About the roads - I'll be with the heavy farm equipment & extremes in hot & cold weather it's just not worth it to pave those roads - they'd be maintaining them ALL THE TIME.

Poconoangel said...

Glad you made it home! Sometimes I would be lost with out my GPS! But my son changed the language to Spanish one day and that really threw me~~ Ha ha!

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