Friday, November 26, 2010

Cute little kittens....

 One day last week Maddie and I looked out the back door and saw the cutest little kittens crying for food.  Of course we had to feed them.  It was cold outside and they were so tiny.  They were very skittish and ran away when I opened the door.  So I told Maddie that we should wait for a little while and see if they come back.
 They came back not long after I put some milk and tuna out for them.  The mother watched from under the tree outside the fence for awhile.  Eventually she moved closer as you can see in the first photo.  She made sure they all had enough to eat and then went over and took a few bites for herself.  I haven't really been around cats for over 30 years, so I found all of this fascinating.   We can't keep them in the house because of allergies and I just don't want the responsibility of really owning them...but I wouldn't mind just feeding them and letting them hang out here every so often.  I don't know if that is cruel though and wonder if I should call a shelter to see if they can find them homes.  I tried to get one of the kittens to go on the front porch where there is more shelter,  but it would not let me come near it.  So I doubt I could get them all rounded up and in the car to take to a shelter.  I guess this sort of thing happens often, but it has never happened to us until now.  They have been staying under neath the back steps and in a hole in the ground on the side of the steps.  I think the rabbits dug that hole this past year.  Maddie loved seeing the kittens and mommy.  When her Uncle Bobby came over later in the day, she was so excited to tell him about it, she was stumbling through her words a little bit, trying to retell the story.  He caught it on video and I need to get that from him.  It was so cute!

If I could have gotten a picture of them.. they would have looked similar to these three photos.  I found myself wondering why they chose our steps to stay under.  I am sure there are warmer more sheltered places nearby that would have been better than what we have to offer them.  I hope they do ok...because I doubt I will be able to capture them to take them to a shelter.


Sandy said...

ohhh keep them keep them...they would be great photographs to share...I know it's a lot of work but they are so cute.

Seriously..maybe you could keep one, huh...
I bet Maddie definitely was excited.

Mac's birthday is 6/25 by the way, when is Maddie's. I think they are really close in age.

Rudee said...

Poor little kitties. You're a good soul, Brenda.

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