Sunday, November 14, 2010


 Thorough dusting is a major chore at our house.   I just finished dusting 10 shelves of books with the vacuum cleaner and a rag....and I am always stunned at how much dust collects in places like this.  I think that books and paper and skin are the causes of  house dust.    I am not willing to part with our book collection, because when we retire we will  have time to read them.  I wonder if we bought a really good air cleaner it could do some of the dusting for us.  If we update our decor someday, I might consider a leather type material instead of cloth, and more floors without carpeting.  I haven't paid any attention to what style of furniture is popular right now.  Ours is very outdated...I think.  We have a flowered pattern in our couch and chairs and I doubt that is "in" style anymore.  I have always thought that leather or non-cloth furniture feels too cold and in the summer time too sticky.  Maybe we could start out with one piece of it and see what we think.  The photo above looks pretty comfy. 
I have had the strangest flu bug for the past 3 weeks.  I started feeling better after about a week of it, and then it came back.  Then I felt great Friday and Saturday and now on is back.    I hope that after the dusting and cleaning I have managed to do...while sick...I will have had my share of the flu for the season....


Arlee Bird said...

I do like wood floors but I have heard that the upkeep can be quite a chore. I don't think I could ever convince my wife to part with carpet. I understand your concerns about the leather furniture, but I've never thought about how it would contribute to less dust. An air cleaner might be a good answer.

Tossing It Out

The Bug said...

Oh I HATE to dust! It was my chore as a kid & I've hated it ever since. I agree with your thoughts about leather. Dr. M has a leather chair & I don't like to sit on it when it's cold - however it does warm up nicely after a bit, and I don't remember it feeling too hot this summer (probably because we kept the house pretty cool).

BTW - love the zoo pictures from your last post. You got some good ones!

Rudee said...

I like my leather any time of year. I just put a throw on it in the winter before I sit.

I hates me some dust, too.

Gigi Ann said...

It sounds like we were kind of doing the same thing over the week-end. I also was cleaning my book shelves and making space for my books, we boxed up a lot of the books and stored them away. That made room for my new books and some older ones I haven't read yet. However, the dust was there, I try to give the bookshelves a good dusting about every three months, and it's always the same, dust everywhere, I tend to agree, I think they are not just books, but come alive and flap their pages to make dust when I'm not in the room. hee, hee.

Renie Burghardt said...

I don't like dust either! I got rid of carpeting about 7 years ago and have hardwood floors, which I love. Easy to take care of, I think. Your furniture is nice, Brenda.

Enjoy House! (The TV show, of course. lol)


Sandy said...

I use to have so many many...this was about four years ago - it was at its' peak. Then we went away for four days and my son transformed my dusty library into a media room and the "girlfriends" boxed up all my books. They sat in an extra bedroom for a year before I decided to pretty much just get rid of all the boxes without really sorting through. I think about forty boxes went out to thrift stores.

Then I slowly started collecting more and more. I would buy all kinds of childrens books because I loved the illustrations - ..and cookbooks and ...

so recently again I sent most away but i still have about 10 boxes of books that will go with me when I move.

Sorry to hear you have been sick and hope you are getting lots better.

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