Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy All Saints Day

 My days have been very full lately, and I have not had time to keep up with blogging.  Last night we had a great time Trick or Treating at our house with the family.  The first photo is Maddie as Cinderella (the outfit I made her).  We found some long gloves to keep her arms warm.  It was chilly out, but they didn't stay out very long. 

Here she is with her Daddy going to a neighbor's house.

 Here she is with her Uncle Bobby.  They adore each other.

I made Kayla a Cinderella dress to match her sister's yesterday.  Here she is with her Mommy.
Maddie ate a little too much candy...but who doesn't on Halloween.  

 I think the guys had too much sugar and this is the outcome. 
Actually I asked them to put the hats on just for the fun of it.


BJ said...

Maddie & Kayla look adorable in their Cinderella dresses.'re the bestest grandmom! And so talented too!

That picture of all of the guys & two little ones is very funny! They are silly just like the guys in my family!

Glad you're back safe & sound from your trip & that you had a great time! Can't wait to see pics!

Happy All Saints Day sweetie!

Myra said...

Lovely costumes Grandma Brenda made!! The Cinderellas are adorable!!
Looks like family fun was had!!! 8-)

The Bug said...

Those dresses are great! Reminds me of one of my prom dresses.

Rudee said...

Oh, they all look adorable. Especially the fella with the crown and OMG, the gloves. Thanks for the chuckle.

Your wee ones look so cute in their matching Cinderella gowns. I can't believe how much they've both grown.

Renie Burghardt said...

The girls are both adorable in their Cinderella outfits! What a talented grandma you are. Love the picture of the guys, too. Looks like everyone had a fun Halloween.
Enjoy the rest of the week. I just came back from voting.

Patty said...

Well the last photo, everyone looks happy. That's always good. Loved the outfits you made, you are quite a seamstress. I don't sew much, one reason, my sewing machine is ancient and I don't really enjoy it that much. I would much rather crochet or play games on the computer.

Sandy said...

The granddaughters are so cute! Maddie is growing up so quick and the baby looks just like Maddie did..

Great outfit.

Sandra said...

I was blog hopping along when I came upon your blog and the pic of the beautiful Cinderella made me go "Awwwww!" Felt the need to let you know the dresses and the princesses are too precious for words!

Reader Wil said...

What a lovely pair of little angels! I wish we had Halloween!

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