Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Non stop cooking for two days.
  Too much food, but it was all handmade from scratch.

 My pies cracked.

My pumpkin cheesecake was ok.
 I tried making sweet potatoes different this year.  No marshmallows or nuts.  They were ok.

 I bought an iron skillet so that I could try my Mom's cornbread dressing recipe out.  
It wasn't as good as hers.

 This was the smallest turkey I could find at the store.  The night before I watched a show on the History Channel that made me change my mind about the turkey.  It seems they are very well bred and cared for and processed.  I enjoyed the show and learned a lot from it.  I just can not remember a lot of the details to relate here right now and I am too tired to care.  It was a good show.

Our Thanksgiving movie the past couple of years has been Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  I love John Candy.  When my brain recovers from all this cooking and eating then maybe I will have something more interesting to say.  We had a very blessed day and I hope you did also.


Rudee said...

The pumpkin cheesecake looks yummy. For some reason, the pumpkin pie I made this year was my best effort ever. Who knew?

Rest today, Brenda. Sounds like you deserve at least that!

Anonymous said...

It all looks wonderful! All from scratch! if I could find a "box mix Turkey" I'd buy it! LOL

Myra said...

Mmmmm... Yum! I should have dropped in for eats it all looks so darn good... 8-)

The Bug said...

You're funny - I'll bet all your food was great no matter WHAT you say :)

Sandy said...

Your food looks great to me! I think I remember reading last year that you watch this movie. I believe I said, I need to watch that again, and now I'm saying I need to watch that again...

I hope I remember.

I didn't really cook. My soon took over and grilled the tri trip, potatoes and corn outside and I had made a salad and well that was it! It was delicious and I spent a total of 10 min on the dinner. I lucked out.

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