Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Next Week????

I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving already!  This year it will just be the three of us, Bob, myself and our son Bobby.   Katy and Brian and the girls will be in Cleveland visiting his family this year.  We got them last year.  The photo above was taken by my talented daughter, the family photographer.  I have debated about making a turkey because we have such a small group and my son doesn't really care for turkey...but I think I will anyway just because it is "Tradition."  It is time for me to start making my menu list.  They say they like the side dishes, which are...typically, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn, green beans and sweet potatoes and cranberry.  For some reason that sounds boring to me.  Should I get adventurous or stick to the same menu...and what movie will we watch.  I feel like maybe we should go work in a soup kitchen this year, with all of the unemployed families there must be.  If not that... then maybe we will just donate more turkeys this weekend to No Hunger Holiday.  Yes...for sure more turkeys.  We are very blessed.


The Bug said...

I'm not a huge turkey fan either - I think unless you just want it you should do something different with the main dish (but that's because I like all those side dishes & all this advice is about me, apparently). Maybe a rotisserie chicken (I like that better than turkey).

Renie Burghardt said...

My daughter and granddaughters are arriving Monday and staying till Saturday, and son Greg is coming the Friday after Thanksgiving, so I have been busy. Actually, we are going out on Thursday, since it's also my b'day, but will have Thanksgiving dinner Friday, when Greg and his girl friend will be here, too. Some friends are also coming. I am looking forward to next week! Your menu sounds good. I am making turkey breast, mashed potatoes for the guests, (I don't eat a lot of carbohydrates)salad, fresh green beans, gravy, and not sure what else. Pumpkin pie will be sugar free (I make it with splenda, and it's wonderful)and a pumpkin cheesecake, also sugar free. Okay, got to run. Lots to do. Have a great rest of the week.


Rudee said...

I didn't realize how hungry I was until I read your post.

My daughter and I just had this discussion today. We're going the traditional route. We love the leftovers.

Katy said...

Its your thanksgiving so I think your family shoud have whatever you want. My dad always fries our turkey. It makes everything taste just a little better.

RWV said...

Thank you, sweetheart, for many wonderful Thanksgivings. My memory for detail isn't the best, but remembering back, we spent a few of our early ones at my folk's house in St. Louis. Then there were a few years of rotating among us and my sisters' homes. But after one round, everyone wanted to have it at our house every year because you made the best meals and made everyone feel at home and comfortable. So for a long time, we were a gathering spot for the family, my side on Thursday and your folks on Friday. We are in a new era now. But I still look forward to that special day with you.

Brenda said...

Aww...Thank you RWV! Love you..

Patty said...

We're like you, just a small group this year, total of six, but two probably won't eat turkey, so I got a small one, about 12 pounds. One daughter that isn't going to be here said, Mom that's just a chicken that's been on steroids. LOL I don't like a lot of left over meat, so this should work out great. Then at Christmas and Easter, we always have a spiral ham.

Sandy said...

One year my niece and I went into Los Angeles and spent our Thanksgiving Day serving food to a group of boys at a home in that area. They were there for various reasons. We enjoyed it a lot.

This year we won't have many celebrating with us either. Hunt's family is going to Colorado, Joel is coming into town with Holly and Holden but on Thanksgiving they are going to Disneyland, John (Cayden's) dad may be working and that leaves Kenzie and Jacob's dad, because their mom works.

Not sure what we will be doing but I'm sure it will involve having some food here unless we decide to go to Disneyland with the kids.

Brenda said...

My son and I said hot wings. But the turkey has won out. Just can't seem to shake the tradition I guess.

Renie, have a whole week with the family. That sounds exciting. And your birthday! I saw the turkey breasts at the store today and thought about it...but I may want to stuff it with dressing. Sugar free would sure help my weight problem. But...I am weak.. Have a great week!

I really don't like the leftovers. I get so excited when we don't have any...which isn't all that often.

I have heard really good things about the fried turkey. I haven't tasted any yet though. I may have to buy one and see if I can get the men folk to do it for me.

A chicken on steriods...ha. is. One year I bought one from a farm that did not get all pumped up...a NATURAl turkey. It was some what pitiful compared to the giant ones, but that is what they are supposed to look like! Who knew!

I would go to Disneyland! That would be way better than cooking and eating. I think we are going to try and go in the spring.

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