Friday, November 19, 2010

Thirty Years Ago Tonight....

I may not know very much about movie stars these days, but I must admit that 30 years ago tonight I was sitting on the edge of my chair to see...."Who Shot JR?"  I wasn't alone.  90 million Americans were also watching.  I remember the first time we watched the show in 1978, we laughed at it because we thought the acting was so bad and the content of the night time soap opera really comical.  But we tuned it the next week and most every week for years.  I just saw an interview tonight that Katie Couric did with Larry Hagman.  If I had not seen that interview I never in a million years would have remembered this night 30 years ago.  He was talking about how they shot a scene of everyone on the show shooting him and he had a vest made with holes in it and when they each shot him he said..."Missed.."  and then took a drink of his gin and all the holes started leaking.  The interview led me to search around on the internet for things about the show and I ran across this you tube of Sue Ellen punching JR.  I don't remember seeing this show.  I am guessing this was towards the end of the show in the early 90's and I don't know if I watched it then because our children were little during the 80's and early 90's.
About 15 years ago while visiting some friends in Texas they took us on a tour of the house in the picture above.  It was fun to see it, but except for the outside, it didn't look anything like what we saw on TV.  I think they said that they didn't do that much filming in the inside of the house, but I don't remember where it was filmed.  I didn't get too involved with the follow-up shows like Knots Landing or Dynasty.  I watched them here and there but they didn't interest me as much as Dallas.  Oh the 80's.......they were...well...the 80's.  I can't think of a word for the 80's.  The 50's...rock n roll....the 60's....peace and love and tragedies...the 70's....mellow....80's...?  Maybe I was too busy being a Mom to know what to call it.


Hopefully you can see the interview with Larry Hagman by clicking on the link below.;contentBody


Katy said...

I was little during the 80s so I don't remember much of it, except all the neon colors. And the splater paint shirts. And the bleached jeans. And my oldest sister spending hours getting her hair big enough to go to school.

I was just talking with some of my daughter's friends last night.. about how I can't belive the 80s are coming back. I hope they never come back full force!

Yeah I can't think of what to call the 80s either... the Reagan years? I always think of a really dangerous New York City when I think of the 80s. Don't ask me why... its not like I've ever been there.

Rudee said...

Oh well, that's easy, Brenda. The 80s were the Madonna years where we all danced to, Like a Virgin and Material Girl.

I never did buy a bustier, but I would have if I could have.

I loved Dynasty and Dallas. Like most shows that routinely jump the shark, I stopped watching both of them before they went off the air. I don't recall this scene of Dallas, either. Who could blame the long suffering Sue Ellen for decking that pompous ass?

Brenda said...

You must be close to my daughter's age. You cracked me up when you said your oldest sister was trying to get her hair big enough to go to school. I am still laughing at that one because when I was in high school in the 60's we had "big hair" also. We teased it with a rat tail comb and then put enough hair spray on it to stay put in a tornado.
I have to figure out why you think of New York City. There must have been a TV show or something at that time.

I liked Dynasty for the fights that Crystal and Alexis got into. All that pretty makeup and hair all messed up.
Your comment cracked me up about punching that pompous ass. I found the interview with Katie and will put it on here...just because it was funny and brought back memories.

The Bug said...

I never watched Dallas - I was more into comedy back then. Of course, now that I watch this clip I see the error of my ways - that WAS comedy :)

Gail said...

Forget JR, I was googling over Ray!

Wow, thirty years, in the blink of an eye and Its my birthday, too!!!

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