Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

 I grabbed a few photos I have from my Mom and Dad's collection of old photos today to talk about Veteran's Day.  I don't like war.  I wish we didn't have wars in our current day.. or in all of our history.  But we do.  And most likely always will.  For the men who have served for our freedom....that service changed their lives forever.  For the ones that came back with their bodies physically unharmed, I am sure that most were  left with emotional scars that never healed.    My family members who served never talked about the front of me anyway.  So I know very little about their experiences.  The photo above is my Grandpa (mother's father) who served in World War I.
 This photo is my Dad with his Medic team.  He is man with his arms folded on the left.
 This is my Dad and my Uncle (his brother) during WWII.
 This was a photo of the 788th battalion.  I don't know why this photo is in with their photos.  It only had 788th on the back on the photo.    Look at those huge bombs in the corner.
 When I was a little girl I thought one of these ladies was my Mom.  I knew that she had gone to Seattle to work for Boeing when my Dad was overseas.  I later realized it was a postcard for the American Red Cross.

 My Dad with a friend that he met overseas that was from the same area he grew up in Missouri.
I have a lot of photos of people that I don't know who they were.  I sure wish that I had asked my parents when they were still living.  They do reflect a story about our history.  The clothing that was worn and the way photos were taken, etc.  I found a photo of a man wearing a gas mask.  Someday I may try and put them all together and see if I can find out a little more about them. much as I wish we did not have wars...I do appreciate the sacrifices that our men and women made for us.


The Bug said...

This makes me think that I should scan some of the pictures my dad has - I think he has one of his grandmother being honored for being a 7 star mother (7 sons in the war - 2 were killed).

Brenda said...

Ask your Dad as many questions as you can about old photos and experiences. Is is so hard to try and figure things from photos, without the "real" story.

Renie Burghardt said...

Nice old pictures! Be glad you have them. I wish we didn't have wars as well. But we do. I was a child of World War II in Hungary, and still have nightmares about it to this day!

Happy Veterans Day!


Rudee said...

The pictures are wonderful. I love your description of the Red Cross sweet to have thought that was your mom.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to all of our vets--even the girls. My aunt was a WAC. My friend, who has a birthday today, served in the navy during peace times. Still, she served.

Have a great day!

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