Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis The Season To Be Jolly.....

This was our tree last year.  I haven't taken one this year yet.  We have been attending several parties here and there for the past 2 or 3 weeks.  All of them have been very enjoyable and fun.  I have only managed to find a couple of conversations that have left me feeling  that I need to go to confession for  failing to keep the 10th Commandment.  One conversation was with someone that has three homes, one brand new one with all new furniture and a large lake home and another large home.  The man I was talking to though is a very nice man and always willing to give a helping  hand where needed.  He is just a nice man with lots of nice things.  Another party we went to the other night was at a home that was so beautifully decorated...I was just in awe of everything that I was looking at.  What a talented and creative lady she is.  I was slightly jealous when I got back home and realized what a junked up mess I have our home in.  I am.. kinda sorta.. kidding because we are blessed with a very nice home and with a little effort it could be even nicer.  I grew up with so little as far as material possessions...I do know the difference.
Of all weeks to feel down in the dumps though....I find myself feeling that way since yesterday.  I went to the mall and took a few photos of some decorations that I thought I could inspire myself with someday.  When I got back home to load them, I realized that my camera was on video instead of photo.  I then started searching around on the internet for Christmas decorations.   I typed in those words...Christmas decorations.. on google search and up popped a porno site.  I was shocked and horrified.  I really don't know what porno is exactly....but I am guessing it is people having sex and well....enough said.  I hate to bury my head in the sand...but I really am not interested in what it is.  From what little I do know about it...it can't lead to anything good.  I thought about how many children could have done the same thing I did and saw the same thing I did.  I am just so saddened by what is so freely "out there" these days.  All I can do is pray for the people that do these things and pray some more that they can find something else in life that is so much more worthwhile.  When I was  a young person, all I ever knew about was Playboy magazines and even then the women looked like naked Barbie dolls....so it just didn't even seem real.  It is one thing if a person goes looking for those things intentionally and quite another when you aren't looking for it and see it anyway.   It almost makes me want to just stop using the computer except for business reasons.  So if you don't hear from me here anymore...this is the reason.  Maybe I can just give up my blogs and still read some of yours....the friends that I have met these past few years.  Then again maybe I find some middle ground somewhere with what I am feeling.  Sorry about the grouchy sad post.......


Renie Burghardt said...

Last years tree was beautiful, Brenda.

Gee, can't believe about the porn site!

My HD TV is here, still in the huge box. Greg will be here Friday, I hope, cause the weather might not be good for travelling, and he lives 200 miles away. So, I might not have it set up until later.

Went to our church party Saturday evening. Then to a Christmas lunch Sunday with church friends, in a restaurant.

Have a Very Merry Christmas with your family!

Christmas Hugs,


The Bug said...

Well YOU'RE not posting porn so I don't see why you need to stop writing. Taking some time off, sure - it's hard to write when you have all of these down feelings going on. But we would miss you if you went away (being entirely selfish here).

I'm a terrible person - I want to do the same search you did & see what comes up. Insatiable curiosity. Sad. I remember looking for Jenny McCarthy hair pictures & getting more than I bargained for! I figured my hairdresser wasn't going to be able to replicate THAT.

The Bug said...

I forgot - I have this setting on my Yahoo search preferences: Filter out adult Web, video, and image search results. It works!

Rudee said...

It's amazing the places you can go with the push of a button. While usually not bad, sometimes it can be pretty awful.

I have decorator envy, too. My girlfriend's home looks like something out of Home and Garden. She's so talented, but then she doesn't have to buy yarn. I guess we're even.

Take your respite, but don't stay away too long. I'd miss you too much.

Sandy said...

Ohhh don't give up your blog. It takes all kinds to make the world go around and you just need to put on a more safer filter for your searches which can by done.

I've always looked at good/bad as if we need contrast in the world. How dull and mundane this world would be without all shades of gray.

And yes, it's sad that kids are exposed to this... but
we just can't control it all, only pray, like you said, for safety of children from harmful intent.

I giggle when I come across it - like poor souls don't know how debasing it is and how they think the human body is the end all to everything..

listen to me yakkity yak on and on...just ignore me..ha.

You're a sensitive soul I can tell... but that's good for us who know you, we get to know such a caring person.

Love that tree by the way.

I didn't put one up just went to target and bought a box with two three foot trees in them, decorated them and put them on each side of the fireplace. They had a sale of 50% off.. yeah..

and that's all the decorating i'm doing.

we have our big thing Christmas Eve..

Sandy said...

and with all that, I really meant to say, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy those beautiful grandkids of yours.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for your visit. I do hope you are feeling better now. These winter days are short and bleak. That makes one feel depressed. There will always be people who try to spoil the fun and show indecent pictures, but we can delete them easily fortunately. I w ish you all the best and a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda; I'm sorry; But if you give up your blog; there will be one less really good thing on line. AND they win.. THEY being the people who would hi-jack a great thing like the internet and our ability to communicate with new friends; and turn it into something not good. I hope you keep blogging. I don't get on blogger much but I really look forward to your reading your blogs. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Winifred said...

Your tree was certainly gorgeous. I know what you mean about houses and seeing other people's fantastic homes. Well I've only ever seen them on telly.

I've just accepted I'm grateful for what I've got, like you we had so little when I was growing up. Had to go to an outside loo and use a tin bath in front of the fire until I was fourteen. I can't even be bothered to look after what we have now adequately. Must get myself into a better frame of mind for decorating and clearing out all the dross I keep stashed in the cupboards.

It's so easy to find unsuitable stuff by accident I think McAfee must be filtering mine now as I don't have problems like I used to.

I remember at work in the early days when we got the internet I was researching some information for a careers adviser on dolphin trainers and I couldn't believe what came up. I had to report it in case they thought I was doing it deliberately.

Keep blogging Brenda, don't let it put you off. Have a good year in 2011.

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