Saturday, January 9, 2010

For The Record.........

Just for the record....I was NOT one of the fans of "Lost" ...twittering my protest of it's "Three Hour Season Premiere" show airing on the same night as "The State of The Union". But it sure does sound like somebody messed up, somewhere.... to have this become a news item. If the State of the Union is typically done the last week in January, then I would imagine ABC felt it was okay to schedule Lost on February 2nd. I really don't understand what caused the conflict with dates, but it does not look good in my opinion for several reasons. NO TV show should take a front row seat to The President talking to the nation....EVER! As much as I have been looking forward to seeing the final season of this show, it is just a show, and I don't understand why the White House would allow this to become an issue. I could not find out when the State of the Union will be telecast. It will be announced at a later date, is what I read. Oh dear..................

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blooming Orchids

My header picture is of the orchid that is bloom right now. My son gave me this plant several years ago and it is just now blooming again. They are such beautiful delicate plants. The photo I chose to display here is just a picture I took last summer of a farm nearby. It reminds me of a nice warm summer day when the clouds were so beautiful! Today I took my daughter and grand baby to the airport. She had to take a car seat, stroller, small carry on bag and a larger bag to check. I pulled up to the drop off thinking a porter could help her get most of it all inside. There were no porters to be found. So I locked up the car and helped her get inside to a check in line. She called me when she got to her destination and said that no one would help her with the baby and all her things like they used to. It appears the stewardess's are not allowed to help anyone anymore. I don't know what was up with the porters. It makes me wonder how the airline industry is ever going to survive. I remember a time when people felt okay to put a younger child on a plane because 1. you could wait right there at the boarding gate with them until it was time to board 2. the stewardess would assure you they would be well cared for, and you knew the person picking them up would be right there when they got off. Now you can not go wait at the gate with anyone, and the stewardess are apparently not allowed to help anyone. I really wonder what the industry will be like 10 years from now.... or even 5 years from now. I am disturbed by this, but I guess you just have to do what you have to do, and make the best of it. I have never enjoyed flying and have never had to. I only fly to visit friends that live too far away to drive, and have gone on a few business trips with my husband. Fortunately he rarely ever has to fly for business anymore. Well....just had to vent a little bit there. Off to do a little knitting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh Dear....

No is just not fair! I have been going to the gym for a month now and I stepped on the scale tonight and I had gained 5 pounds! How is that possible???? I have been going everyday except for the 2 days I had the flu and on Christmas day when they were closed. I have been less hungry than usual and I was expecting to be more hungry after I increased my activities. butt is getting bigger. This is so not fair. This time next month...things had better the other direction! I would have been happy with a 2 pound loss. I am still determined to see this through for at least a year. I do enjoy going... and I know that I am eventually going to see some good results.
Today we had a heat wave. It got up to 21 degrees. Tonight we are having snow and could see 3 to 6 inches. If so..this will be be our first real accumulation. We have had small amounts that haven't lasted long. Well, they just interrupted the People's Choice Awards to say that the highway right by us is closed, so it must be bad. They rarely close the highways here in Missouri. Back to the show...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PBS Series...This Emotional Life

Last night I watched a PBS series called This Emotional Life . The photo above isn't in the series...I just like looking at it. I wanted to watch this because I bought the book "Stumbling on Happiness" by Daniel Gilbert when it first came out in 2006. I read that this will be a 3 part series, but I see it is listed to run through until Sunday night. Psychology was my favorite subject in High School and I took one college class (or maybe it was 2) after I got married. If I would have continued a college education I am sure that I would have pursued a career related to psychology. Last night's show covered several topics, attachments in infancy, Aspergers syndrome, Bullying, and relationships. The one topic that I have been thinking a lot about lately is Bullying. Bullies have been around forever. I know it is not a new thing, but I personally feel it has gotten much worse and happens far too often, in schools and in the workplace. I hope they explore this topic a little bit more in this series, because it really saddens me to hear these reports on the news. I would be interested to know what it is about the bully that causes this behavior. Is it a form of mental illness that could be treated or is it an evil spirit that takes over the bullies soul. I really do believe in the devil and many evil spirits that roam the earth just seeing who they can influence and take over. One eye opening book that I read in my early thirties was a book by Scott Peck called "People of the Lie". Scott Peck was a psychiatrist that wrote several bestselling books in the 70's and 80's. I have all of his books.
I don't have time today to write as much as I would like to on this subject, but I hope to come back later here and write some more. I took the Christmas decor down yesterday and now have to clean up the place which will take me 2 days at least!
The orchid is in full bloom now and I hope to take a photo soon!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Toooooooo Cold..........

For the past several days when I wake up and sign on the computer my homepage tells me the temperature is in the single digit. This morning when I awoke at 6 am it was 3 degrees. I may have to watch Dr. Zhivago tonight to feel warmer. I don't feel well when it is this cold. It makes me tired all the time. I hate to get out from under the covers. I tried to google what area of the world is having the warmest temperatures right now. I was not successful at finding that out, but I did find out it is in the 70's in Maui. So I will drift off in dreams of being in Hawaii right now. Aloha.............

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever