Friday, March 19, 2010

The Fountain of Youth.....

Whenever I get a chance in the last couple of weeks, I have been going through some areas in the house where I stuff away things that I think I will one day want.. or... need. These  things need to vacate, so I can free up the space I need.  Whenever I embark upon these times, I always, always ...see some sort of memory from former years.  I recently stumbled upon some photos of a lady that I knew when we lived at our former home.  Her children and my children were born around the same time and we used to get together for play dates.  She moved, after having known her for about 5 years, and I lost touch with her after awhile.  With face book, it is easy enough to put in someones name and see if you can locate them.  I decided to see if she was there and she was.  The photo of her was amazing.  She looks better than she did when I knew her 25 years ago.  I run across lots of people that are acquaintances that I have known from way back when....and I think the same thing.  Wow...they look just like they did all those years ago.  What is their secret???  The really depressing thing for me is  that they have remained their same tiny little figure.  None of the people I am talking about have that look... of having had plastic surgery.  They just look like they have been drinking the water from The Fountain of Youth.  That is so not fair..................

PS.  I may revive my old blog "Happy Thoughts"....go take a look.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this....sorry Bob.   I finally talked Bob into going to the Dr. to have his eyes checked.  I went with him and he let me help him decide which ones to get.  I liked the Jim Carey look, and so did he.  I have corrective vision with mono-vision contact lens.  My vision is close to being legally blind without correction.  I can only see things right in front of a book.  So mono-vision is great for me.
With mono-vision, one eye is fit with a distance lens (if needed) and the other eye is fit with a near lens, providing clear vision for both distance vision and near.
At first glance, mono-vision seems very strange. But unusual as it seems, most people receive amazing results. Here's how it works:
We all have a dominant eye as well as a non-dominant eye. (You can quickly determine eye dominance with this quick eye dominance test.) When we look into the distance, we are actually using the vision from the dominant eye more than we are using the non-dominant eye. The non-dominant eye still functions, but the dominant eye sort of takes over. Our brain pays more attention to the visual information received from the dominant eye. So if the non-dominant eye is fitted with a near-powered lens to correct our near vision, our distance vision will not be disturbed that much. Mono-vision, then, involves wearing a contact lens on the non-dominant eye to correct near vision, and a contact lens on the dominant eye (if needed) to correct distance vision. Mono-vision works because the brain is tricked into thinking that the contact lens is actually a part of the natural eye. (For this reason, mono-vision does not work in an eyeglass prescription for most of us.)

This process is still hard for me to understand...but the brain is very complicated to me.  I signed up for a study for people over the age of 55, and how ageing affects their driving skills.  It is conducted through Washington University and I go next week.  It will take about 4 hours.  If it works out okay...I may let them do a scan of my brain and study it.  I just hope I don't have to go through one of those tunnel things.  Claustrophobic......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One More Reason Why I Don't Care For Fish....


  Well....I have been told I am Irish and Scottish, but I don't feel as though I am.   So I went looking around on the internet today for some stories.  I was surprised to find that the Chicago River has 40 lbs of green dye put in it for the festivities.  YUCK.  I don't like dye in river water.  I like to dye hard boiled eggs on Easter.  And I like dye for art purposes.  But not in the river.  There are enough disgusting things in there already.  And that is one reason why I think I just don't like fish. 
According to some accounts, blue was the first color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but that started to change in the 17th century. Green is one of the colors in Ireland’s tri-color flag, and it has been used in the flags of several Irish revolutionary groups throughout history. Ireland is the “Emerald Isle,” so named for its lush green landscape. Green is also the color of spring, the shamrock, and the Chicago River, which the Midwestern city has dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day for the past 40-odd years.

According to parade organizers, the tradition of dyeing the river dates to 1961, when Stephen Bailey, a business manager for the plumber's union, was visited by a plumber whose coveralls were stained green. The stains, it turned out, came from a special dye used to detect leaks. That year, the city had begun enforcing pollution controls, and the plumber was using the dye to locate the source of illegal waste disposal in the river.

But Mr. Bailey saw a different use for the dye. The following year, with the consent of city officials, the union dumped 100 pounds of a disodium salt called fluorescein into the river. It worked a little too well, turning the water was green for a week. Eventually they hit upon an amount that would turn the river green for just one day.

But fluorescein can be toxic, and environmentalists, concerned about the welfare of the river's goldfish, lobbied to have the dye replaced with something more eco-friendly. They succeeded in 1966, and the parade committee agreed to switch to what they say is a vegetable-based dye.

But the dye's exact ingredients are a closely guarded secret. The parade committee compares the formula to that of Coca-Cola. In a 2003 interview with the Columbia Chronicle, a student newspaper, a parade organizer compared revealing the dye's composition to "telling where the leprechaun hides its gold."

Even though they won't say what's in the dye, the parade committee insists that it's nontoxic, and claim that "the formula has been thoroughly tested by independent chemists and has been proven safe for the environment."

But environmental regulators in other cities have rejected plans to dye their rivers for the Irish holiday. In 2005, environmental regulators in Broward County, Fla. rejected plans to dye Fort Lauderdale's New River. And this year officials with Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality nixed plans for a dye job for the Saginaw River.

That said, 40 pounds of dye is a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to all the other stuff that's in the Chicago River. The Illinois Department of Public Health advises against dining too frequently on certain fish caught in the river because of concerns of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls, a type of industrial chemical that the EPA has labeled a probable human carcinogen.

"The Chicago River will dye the Illinois, which will dye the Mississippi, which will dye the Gulf of Mexico, which will send green dye up the gulf stream across the North Atlantic into the Irish Sea, a sea of green surrounding the land will appear as a greeting to all Irishmen of the Emerald Isle from the men of Erin in Chicago land, USA."

It is becoming more and more difficult for me to get excited about eating anything these days.  I want to have my own little garden, and some peanuts for protein.  Also fruit trees.  And maybe some wheat, and rice.  I wonder how much land I need to grow all that.  The fish will just be there to watch.... in my little pond.  And the animals will just be roaming around to look at.  From far away...I don't like the smell of manure.  My dream for the day...........

Happy St. Patrick's Day

If I could be young again...I would try to learn how to do this.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Change

I fell asleep way too early last night and awoke too early this morning.  Right now it is 7 am but still dark outside.  If the time had not changed of course it would be 6 am.  Spring forward and the time changes around the world information can be found here.  I am almost always confused about this and no matter how many times I read all the reasons behind it, and which areas in the world change their time....I am still confused.  All I know is that I love having more daylight hours.  I really love the summer nights when it is almost 9 pm before you have to come inside the house for light.
I have been busy with our Fish Fry at church because this year we are trying to have 2 raffles to raise money for charities.  I have to get there at 2 pm to set up and make sure everyone has what they need in the dessert room to have it all ready for the public at 4 pm.  Our raffles are not going very well.  We thought we would try it, but now is just not a good time to ask people to hand over another dollar for a "maybe" chance of winning something.    Other than that....I have been working on Maddie's quilt and have one more row to add before I start sandwiching it and quilting it.  I also have been knitting Isla's baby blanket and have a few more blocks to do on that and then all of the edging. 
Once a week, for the past couple of weeks, I have been joining in on "a movie a week" watching with our son.  Bob and he have been doing this for about a year, but most of the movies they watch are more "guy" movies, so I have never joined in, but the last few weeks I decided to.  I have been trying to be a little more open minded lately.  Those little sayings on my sidebar, like Mother Teresa's saying about "When you judge people, you don't have time to love them".  Those quotes are more for my benefit than for anyone that may come here to read my blog.  I need little reminders all the time to keep me focused on a better attitude.
Yesterday we watched a Michael Moore movie called "Capitalism: A Love Story".  In the past I have dismissed the thought of trying to watch his movies, but I wanted to watch this one and then may watch all the others, just so that I can say" fairly" whether I like them or not.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I just make up my mind I am not going to like something before I give it a fair shake.  I plan on putting a little more effort into this this upcoming year.  It is getting really hard to not get into a political conversation these days  Everyone is so heated up over so many issues...debates are flying all over the place.  I will try and put some effort into learning a little more and listening to both sides of debates and then making my own decisions.  I got a little bit of a scolding the previous weekend at a social function from a young couple sitting next to us at a dinner, about not getting real involved in politics.  He told me I should care more for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  So.....I think I will put a little more effort forward and listen to all view points and then speak my mind.  I have lots of personal opinions like everyone else....I just don't fell like trying to debate them or encourage others to think like me.  Maybe I just don't like debates or confrontations....we will see...after I am more armed with information.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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