Saturday, April 17, 2010

Missouri Botanical Gardens

We picked a perfect day to go down to the Gardens.  The weather was wonderful and all of the spring flowering trees and flowers were showing off all of their glorious beauty. 
I took 450 pictures and these the only ones that turned out half way decent. 

I have a point and shoot camera and I did try a few settings today other than auto...but most just did not turn out well.

Someday maybe I will get the itch to buy an expensive camera and then take some classes on how to use it.

When you have an opportunity to go somewhere as beautiful as our gardens this time of year, beautiful photos would be great.  I have a feeling though...that  even with a great camera, lighting and  many other things factor into how well the photo turns out.

This area is the rain-forest area that is enclosed in the climatron.  There were white doves flying around that were so beautiful.  I only managed to capture 2 photos of them.  I wished I could have gotten one of them in flight.
The azaleas are at their peak right now.  I have tried a couple of times to grow them but have never had any luck with them.

I didn't see what type of tree this was, but the limbs dip down to the ground and curve up and from many angles it would make a very interesting photo.  It was really crowded there today and photo taking was a challenge because so many people either were trying to take photos themselves or would be in the way of you getting one.  I had to do a lot of cropping to get the few I have.

After the gardens we went to the mall to take a look at the new iPad.  They are pretty impressive.  I can see using one someday, but right now I would like a larger TV...maybe.  It is after 10 pm now and Bob and Bobby are having a good time upstairs watching the Cardinals who I hear have just lost the game after 20 innings.  It was scoreless into the 19th inning.  The game started at 3 pm.  What a bummer that they lost.....

Night At The Museum...Battle of The Smithsonian

Last night we watched this movie that came out in the theaters about a year ago.  I loved the first one and this one was every bit as good.  It restored my faith that Hollywood can still produce a film that all ages can enjoy.  The humor was possibly more for adults, but youngsters could find so many things about it that were fasinating.  I plan on buying this one when we make the plunge to buy one of those large screen fancy televisions someday.  It was funny that I had a thought while watching it that seeing it on a big screen like at the movie theater or at home would have enhanced it...and then as soon as the movie was over, my husband said the same thing.  Maybe we are inching closer to making the big plunge.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoo Fun

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so Maddie and I got in the car and went to the Zoo.  She is at the perfect age now for thoroughly enjoying herself.  Everything is a new adventure to her and it brings things in a new light for me also, just watching it all through her eyes.  What a lucky Grandma I am to get to spend so much time with her.  I thought I would be a little silly today and make some goofy comments to go with the photos.

"More gawkers....they act like they have never seen stripes before..."

"You should see what he does when the place closes."

"Glad you got a picture of this lady...."

"I do all the work and they lay around all day!"

"Life is good...when you have a long neck...hiccup..."

"Don't look at me like that lady!  This is how messy I am before they sheer me and make you all that beautiful yarn."

"I wish I had the patio furniture that goat has."

"I feel special."

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Pretty soon we will celebrate Mothers Day, and not long after that, Fathers Day and  in between those two, we will celebrate Memorial Day.  I wish there was an  "EVERYONE BE KIND"   day.  Just for one day.  Wouldn't that be a wonderful experience!  Just one day where everyone did the very best they could to simply be nice and do nice things.  I have a reason for wishing this.  My blog has been acting up lately and I decided to remove the "follower" widget and the sidebar list of all my favorite blogs that I like to visit.  I don't have the link within widget there anymore either.  I have tried to have it as simple as I can get it to see if it improves.  I have a simple sitemeter installed that gives me an idea who visits and how they arrived here.  I usually only check it when I have been having problems.  I checked it the other day because it has been a struggle getting the page to load at times.  I noticed a company that had been visiting on a regular basis that I googled and found out some disturbing information about.  They visit blogs and remove what they don't want you to have on there.  I only read one or two complaints about them and now...I can not find them anywhere on the sitemeter or in my browsing history!!  All I remember is that they are in Washington DC.  This is making me paranoid.  I thought at first...Why would anyone care about my silly little journal here.  I rarely get controversial on here, or at least I try not to.  I don't download  photos illegally, that I am aware of.  So I concluded that it must be people that just don't have anything better to do, and they just get their kicks out of making life difficult for others.   But then.......I watched "the good shepherd" last night while I knitted.  Have you seen that movie?  I checked it out at the library yesterday.  I had meant to rent it when it first came out but never did.  It was draggy at times but if you watch it all the way through.....oh it is has a very creepy ending.  Roger Ebert did not give it a favorable review here.  But I don't watch movies for a living and then review them, even though I think that would be a really fun occupation.  The movie is about the CIA and a career spy, Edward Wilson,  played by Matt Damon.  I really like most of the movies I have seen Matt Damon in.  And this movie has another one of my favorites, Robert de Niro who has a role in the film and he also directed it.  Anyway..when I signed on my computer this morning and realized my blog was not acting up and then went to the sitemeter and saw that there is no evidence of this company having ever been on my blog...I got a little creep-ed out.  I thought maybe it was the CIA visiting my blog and after reading it for several months decided I was a... harmless nobody and left without a trace.....poof!  Then again maybe I am just getting paranoid and need to go get some of those happy pills the lady in the grocery store was taking.  Check your sitemeter and let me know if you have frequent visits from Washington DC.  I will be curious to hear if anyone else has had anything weird going on with blogging.  Insert theme song from Twilight Zone...

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever