Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling Grouchy

This is a post about me venting....about the QC departments, that are allowing so many inferior products to pass through the doors and out to our stores.  I am getting REALLY tired of it.  First I will start with food.  We have three or four grocery stores that we can choose from here in my area.  I have heard that one of our highest quality grocers gets first pick off the truck and I assume makes some kind of a financial arrangement in order to do this.  This is where I usually shop, mainly because it is the closest store, and has more of the products we buy.  I have gone there for 20 years or more and have only had to return bad food ...maybe five times.  Now, I am finding low quality foods (with higher prices) far too often.  My next gripe is clothing that I buy any where and every where.  I first noticed that bras were being sold as a size that is not what the tag says.  I shouldn't need to try things on when I know what my size is.  After all, we used to do most of our shopping via catalog.  There were charts to measure yourself to get the right size, for bras, underwear, shirts, shoes, even rings.  How can so many makers get the sizes so messed up?  I just don't understand what happened to standard sizing.  One example of a clothing item happened just this past weekend.  My husband bought 2 identical shirts in two colors.  One shirt fit fine and the other too small.  Obviously the wrong tag got on the shirt.  It is a pain to take things back.  Every once in awhile would be fine, but this has been happening far too often.  My next and final gripe for the day is... Loreal hair dye.  I have used and loved this product for many many years.  Now the last 4 times I have purchased it I have had very bad experiences.  The first time my hair turned charcoal gray...not the color I thought I was going for.  The cover showed a high lighted brown shade.  I thought I had just gotten one batch of "bad dye" that slipped through the QC department. I later purchased a box that had no applicator top for the bottle.  Another time I did not get gloves.   I did however switch to a Clairol product the next few times I colored my hair.  I went the other day to purchase some more color and thought I would go back to Loreal, hoping maybe they corrected the problems.  Again...the color of my hair came out nothing like the picture and color I wanted.  Since I have been dyeing my own hair for about 8,000 years I think I know what I am doing, and I know it not just me.  The products we are getting stuck with are very inferior.  The only thing I can figure out is that too many companies are cutting back on the quality control department.  It seems there isn't one.  I am off now to see  if there are places on the internet where we can report bad products.  If not, maybe I will start one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lower Slobonia

Yesterday on the way to church my husband asked me to clean off his glasses while he was driving.  I took a look and wondered how in the world he could have seen out of them!  Maybe it's just me, but most men don't seem to care about dirtiness the same way most women do. I made a comment to him that I don't think I could be a man for one day.  He said "Yes you would have to go live in Lower Slobonia."  I don't know why, but that cracked me up.  I have never heard of that word (country?) before.  Well...it isn't a word or a country but I am usually the one that makes up words in our family.  I often  pronounce words incorrectly and misspell all too often and he always picks up on it and then I crack up.  I am sure that my occasional slip ups of the English language annoy him as much as dirty bathrooms bother me.  I figured out a long time ago that most men just aren't bothered when their surroundings look like Oscar's from "The Odd Couple".  Unless you are like Felix, and I just have not known very many men like him.  I know that my husband is far neater than most men and he is a lot more organized than I am.  But as far as scrubby dutch clean, like bathrooms, etc...nope.  Those things are kept up by the one that it bothers the most...moi.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever