Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Fabulous New Toy

Bob brought one of these digital scanners home from a co-worker to let us try out and see if we liked it.  We did...and purchased one a few weeks ago.  I just finished scanning in 2400 old photos that are now all safely stored on the computer and on an external hard drive.  They are still not organized by files with names for certain events, but at least I pushed myself to complete this first task.  I don't remember what year we went to digital cameras, but whenever we did I am glad that we did..  The earliest photos I have is one of my Grandpa in a WWI uniform.  I have a lot of photos from the 40's of my parents and grandparents.  I was really excited to run across some photos of people that I never really knew who they were, and don't think I ever asked my Mom when she was still living.  The thing that I am excited about is that one of the photos had writing on the back and I found out she was my Mom's Aunt on her mothers side.  A few years ago I spent one whole winter doing genealogy because I never knew very much at all about my mothers side of the family.  Her Mom had died when she was 5 and she didn't even know all that much about her family.  She tried doing genealogy before she passed away for many years and was unable to find out very much either.  So after my Mom died I took all of her records and went on a search of my own.  I came up with nothing as far as her Mother's relatives were concerned.  My Mom had told me about this Aunt of the photo I found, but only that her and her sister stayed with her shortly after her Mother died and that she moved and then my Mom and her sister had to go stay at a boarding house or some sort of foster care so that my Grandpa could work.  Eventually he remarried and then got them back to raise them with his new wife and her 5 children.  So many missing puzzles for me, because I don't remember ever meeting these step siblings of my Mom's, although there are alot of photos of them from the 40's.  I guess like many of us, after we have children of our own we lose contact with a lot of people that we used to know.  One thing this tells me though is that she must have not been all the close with her step siblings to have never had any contact whatsoever after the 50's.  Now I have a renewed interest in searching around for this Aunt of my Mother's to at least see what country they came from.  My Mom's Mom had a peculiar last name or at least as far as Ancestry. com is concerned.  They could not point me in a direction of what country the name may have come from.
Other than doing this, I have been enjoying spending a few days a week with my new grand baby and of course my little Maddie.  Katy and I have been wanting to take them to a few outings that are fun but the weather has not been very cooperative.  It rains at least 4 days out of the week and the other days are steamy hot.  I haven't planted one single flower.  The other day we had a flash flood and I was out driving in it.  Very scary.  Surely the rain will let up soon............

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever