Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Having a Little Fun.....

I lost my desire to cook several years ago and I usually dread going to the grocery store and trying to find something for the upcoming week for us to eat. Last week I tried a few new recipes and didn't care for them and I don't think anyone else did. This week I went through some of my really ancient cookbooks that I had started collecting from antique malls. I found one from 1970 that entertained me with the illustrations. I decided to show them off here and let you join in on the fun.

Who cooks with a hat and pearls and that outfit???? Help me think of a line for this one.

Ever heard of synchronized baking?

This man is sitting on.........air!!!!!
The short cut seems to be....they don't get any food. What does she have in her hand? Looks like nothing to me....

This picture looked strange to me because one side of the table has scouts in green and the other side in black. The ones in green look slightly older than the ones in black. My guess is the smiling Mom in the beautiful dress and perfect hair has one of each. Just curious what some of you get from this photo. Come on...I bet you can think of something....just for fun.

This one cracks me up because that basket looks really small. I don't know about you, but when I go to the store I rarely get small items to fit in that basket. I think she just wanted to get all dolled up and see if anyone noticed that hat that seems to match her dress with her 15 inch waist.
This one puzzles me because I don't know what the man is doing (I think drawing) but the lady looks like she is sitting on the table and it has a slant. Does it look slanted to you?
This one the lady with the dark hair looks like she is a little too friendly with man on her left...

This lady must be a juggler or something. Strange way to carry in a bowl..... And I think she is carrying it with her arms in back of her or her head is turned all the way around...her boobs are the back....what the hell?????

Needless to say, I found nothing in this cookbook to cook. It had things like "Bologna Roll with Corn Fritters".

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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