Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Days and Quiet Evenings

I haven't had very many chances to record my daily activities lately...but I am going to make an attempt to catch up.  Let's see...several days a week I spend with my grand daughters and in the evenings I shower and knit or read... to relax.  On the days I am not with them I mow the lawn and take care of the pool and pull weeds and do the wash and iron and clean......etc..etc.  I did get to attend the Little Hills festival in August but I didn't take any photos and did not get to see any entertainers.  It seemed very different this year.   Not as many interesting things going on while I was there, and I didn't see any on the schedule.  We usually have Irish singers and dancers and live flute music similar to Nakai.  It was also very HOT that day.  Bob and I attended a 3 pin bowl party that we bid on at an auction a few months ago.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.  My team did Crazy Bowl that we each made up our own crazy thing to do.  One time we had them turn the lights out, one time we sat down and rolled it down the lane.  Another time we spun ourselves around three times and then attempted to  throw the ball.  For the ones drinking alcohol this was a hoot!  We turned around and threw the ball between our legs.  The young man that was down picking up the pins and setting them back up, just kept shaking his head.  I guess we showed him you don't have to be young to act goofy sometimes.
I am getting excited for October 6th because I get to go to a Quilt Show with Katy and the kids in Des Moines.  It is an AQS show similar to the one that I go to in Paducah, Kentucky.  I have never visited Iowa before.  Also Bob and I are going to take a bus tour of the East Coast the later part of October.  Some exciting things for me to look forward to!

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever