Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Outings

Today we had a perfect weather day for a family outing.  This morning we went to our son-in-laws place of employment for a family day.  It was a special treat for us to get to go there because he works for the government in an area that needs security clearance and is not open to the public.  They only allowed us to see a few things, but what we did get to see was very interesting.  Outside they had some of the old fashioned games like throw the ball and dunk the boss.  And there were adorable little ponies for the children to ride on and Maddie got to ride one. This would have been the only thing we would have been allowed to photograph but my photos did not turn out well at all.

After we left there we went down to "The Loop" and had lunch at Fitz's Root Beer.  They still bottle the root beer here and the machinery looks very ancient.  The building is very stylish in a "deco loft" kind of way.  I just made that term up.  I don't know how else to describe it.  Ha ha.  This particular area called The Loop is very popular because of it's unique stores and restaurants  . There are six blocks of retail, restaurants, live music, cafĂ© culture, and even a Walk-Of-Fame. A century ago at this location, streetcars from downtown “looped around” to return to the city, which gave the area its name.
 The addition of the St. Louis Walk of Fame, which honors famous St. Louisans with brass stars and informative plaques embedded in the sidewalk, further enhances pedestrian enjoyment of the area.  The last few sentences I swiped from the internet.  Could you tell?

After that I noticed an unusual building and Bob happened to know some of the history behind it.  I snapped a few photos and came back home to read some history about it.  Here is what I found out about it.

University City Hall was originally the Woman's Magazine Building and was built in 1903 by Edward Gardner Lewis to house his growing magazine. The five story octagonal shaped building was designed by Architect Herbert C. Chivers in a French Renaissance style. The lions in front were carved of stone by Sculptor William Bailey. When the building was built Lewis had the domed roof equipped with massive 80 inch search lights to attract people from the nearby 1904 Worlds Fair. Lewis moved to California in 1912 and completely moved his operations there by 1916. The building became city hall in 1930. To read more about the flamboyant E.G. Lewis and see a large collection of historic photographs see this website.   

If you go to the link there are lots of old photos of it being built.  It always amazes me that there are so many things like this right here in the city where I live and I am just now discovering them.  I don't get out much.  But I am never bored. I hate to use the word...never.  But, let's just say that the world is too full of exciting things to learn about, to not find something interesting to fill your mind with.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our Fall TV shows have started this week.  On Monday night I watched "House" and loved it.  I think the part I loved the most was when he finally told Dr. Lisa Cuddy he loved her.  Last Fall I didn't watch the show very often, nor did I watch any of "Dancing With The Stars" or "American Idol".  I don't remember what I watched or why I didn't watch that much TV.  But...still I do enjoy "House" when I have a chance to watch it.  Today I am at home trying to take it easy because I was watching the grand children yesterday at my daughter and son-in-laws house and my left knee went into some pretty excruciating pain.  The kind that makes you want to throw up.  Like a severe migraine headache.  I took some Advil and it got better, and the pain just came and went so I have not made an appointment for an orthopedic Dr. as of yet.  I got home and researched knee pain and read a few articles about what a Dr. may be looking for during an exam.  I already know I have "noises" coming from my knees.  When the house is quiet and I am going up the stairs, I hear what sounds like an old house with creaky floors.  Even going up and down stairs does not always cause my knees to hurt...just every so often.  The pain I had yesterday was very strange because I had it even when I was sitting.  So I am thinking maybe a joint or ligament?  Where is Dr. House when I need him.  Now I have to research which Dr. to pick or even if I should go at this point.  Maybe I should just wait until the pain never lets up, which is what I usually do.  Then you a sure there is definitely something wrong.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall This Week....Really?


Yesterday we attended a church picnic and I finally got to see Maddie play with other children.  Here she is trying to tell them something, but I don't know what she is saying.  I wish I did.  The little boy in red is her age but she takes to the older children a little better for some reason.  Sometimes little boys scare her because she says they "roar" at her.  I got them started playing together by picking the long stemmed tiny white flowers from clover and tying them together to make a necklace.  I used to do that when I was a little girl for hours. That and look for four leaf clover.  The picnic was well attended with a lot more of a younger aged crowd, with young children.  The weather has been very strange here.  Saturday I headed down to Main Street to attend the Irish Festival which is usually a lot of fun for me.  In the past years they have had Cloggers and other Irish dancers and great live music.  This year there was very little of anything but HEAT.  It got up to 90 and I was drenched in sweat.  Then Sunday it was cool enough for a light sweater.  Today, back to 90 as I was out mowing the lawn.  I didn't see any more wooly worms today though.  What I did see though...well....better leave that story for another day. 

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever