Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Interesting Items from The Show

These quilts were from the show I just got back from.  They are all games with the pieces and everything.  All handmade.  Some of the displays had  the real games that dated back a few years.   This one reminded me that I don't remember playing Candy Land with our kids.  I remember playing Chutes and Ladders and lots of other games, but not this one.  Maddie will soon reach the game playing phase, as she is a very bright almost 3 year old.
We played Monopoly but it always seemed to take too long, so I can't say we were big fans.  I really don't know how these quilts were made....and I am not sure if they are really quilts?   Quilts made these days are very artistic and not at all like the ones made during the depression or even before then.  One thing I really liked about this particular show was the variety.  And as much as I love the brightly colored artsy ones, I prefer the  hand quilted bed quilts.  Hand quilted quilts are becoming harder and harder to find.  When I see some at a show...I really admire the work for as long as my feet will allow.  I used to love to watch the Hmong booths when they would have a person sitting there doing their work.  She performed her work so perfectly and so fast....very cool.  I could write a post just about their work.  I think it is beautiful and bought one of their kits one year.  Just a small little piece to practice on.  Very me anyway. 

Risk is another game that we didn't play.  I may have to check into this one though because I think it is about strategy and I may have more of an interest in that now than in prior years.

And Chess.  I feel too intimidated by my husbands skill at this game to even try it.  He used to play in tournaments when he was younger and I hear he is very good.  He hasn't played since we got married and had children.  Just not enough time I guess.  It seems electronic devices have really taken over the past several years and do consume so much time.  Just to try and keep this blog going for me is a challenge.  I have been checking in to Facebook everyday even though I have my complaints about it.  It feels many times as if I am picking up the receiver of a "party line telephone".  All these conversations that aren't directed at me and sometimes younger people post lyrics to songs that I don't know are songs.  I think they are talking about their life.  I get too confused on there sometimes.  Many times you do find out what is going on with some family members that you may not otherwise know about though.  Most of the people I have on face book are relatives in one way or another.  I have gotten into playing some of the games that are such time wasters but...just can't help myself sometimes.  I play them to unwind solitaire or sudoku or jigsaw puzzles.  
This week I went to the dentist on Monday and found out even more disturbing news about the last crook I went to.  My gums are fine and he was trying to sell me stuff I didn't need.  Today I went for my annual checkup and had very high blood pressure.  He did the usual blood panel, but added a few other tests to check out why my pressure went up so much.  I am going to a knee specialist on Monday to see what he thinks about the creaking painful stuff going on there.  Geez....getting old is a pain sometimes.  Over all I have been really blessed with good health far.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Observing Art

My pictures turned out pretty bad on Saturday.   But when I think about it...I don't know what I am ever going to do with the thousands of pictures I already have of quilts at shows I have attended over the past 25 years.  These larger Quilt Shows that I attend really overwhelm me.  I never have enough time to really just enjoy looking at the quilt and taking in all of its beauty.  Instead I walk through and take photos of the ones I really like and then come home and look at them on the computer because I can zoom in and get a good look sometimes.  I think the next show I go to I will just skip the photos and enjoy the show.  But here are some of the ones that didn't turn out too bad that I liked.
This really is blurry...but I liked the effort that the artist put into it.  Kandinsky is one of my favorite artists because I like the colors he uses.  I love bright colors.
I loved the colors and design in this one.  I could be wrong...but I doubt this was made from a pattern.  I think maybe the quilter designed this.

I really can not figure out how this was made or what techniques were used.  I looked at the book that talks about the quilt and the person who made it.  I couldn't find this number in the book???  So ...all I can say is I love the colors and design.

Ditto on this one what I said about the previous one.  I just enjoyed the colors.

I wish I knew if this was all hand appliqued or not.  I love applique and want to get back into it some time.  I took a class a few years ago but have not attempted making a quilt yet.

This one looked better at the show...than in this photo.  I enjoyed the appliqued blocks.

 I went upstairs and took this photo of all the vendors selling their goodies.  Everything you can imagine that you could ever want or need to sew quilts with are sold at these shows.  This was the first show that I have attended that had 2 booths selling yarn supplies for knitting and crochet.  One booth I visited  had the prettiest shawls and neck wears that I have ever seen.  She sold them in kits and was asking at least $65 for each kit and I just could not bring myself to purchase one.  I asked if she had a web site and she doesn't.  She is just traveling around to shows I guess, because she does not sell at a store either.    You can not take photos of any of the vendors so I can't show you what I saw.  Maybe I will see something similar in a magazine or book someday.  They really were very attractive. 

I took about 200 photos but like I said before... most just did not turn out very good.  If I would have had more time I would have liked to take a tour of the Capital Building.  I read that it is one of the nicest ones in the country.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Road Trip With Dumb and Dumber


Katy and I took a road trip to Des Moines on Friday for me to go to the quilt show there on Saturday and for her to visit friends in Iowa City.  We left at 10 am on Friday with directions I had printed out using Mapquest.  It was supposed to be a 5 hour 14 minute trip according to Mapquest.  We arrived at our hotel at 6 pm.  So that was an 8 hour drive.  Even though we had the babies, one 4 month and one 2 1/2, we didn't feel like we had to stop that often.  It seemed like maybe 3 stops to change Kayla and feed her.  Maddie was pretty content watching her DVD's and napping.  So on Sunday we thought we would try a different route.  Katy has a Toyota Prius and we left programming her GPS system for directions.  It started taking us to Kansas so we decided to not use that and Katy started searching on the iPhone.  At one point we were heading to Denver and at another we were heading to Minneapolis.  We pulled over and tried to rethink the whole situation.  I suggested I would be better off just having some simple hand written instructions that I could follow in case she was busy with the babies and/or her paper work she brought to try and finish.  You know how easy it is to miss an exit when you have never driven the route before. I just had to have some very basic simple plan for myself.  We came up with this and it got us home.

We had hoped it would be shorter but all the mix ups at the beginning with dumb and dumber had us getting to Iowa City 6 hours after we left Des Moines.  It was suppose to take 90 minutes.  We had a few laughs about it all that was a plus.  When we were heading to Denver..we said "Hey that sounds good...let's go there."  Kansas did not sound so good, so we x'ed that right away.  We thought Minneapolis has great shopping so considered that route.  At one point we did get a wee bit stressed while Kayla was crying and Maddie continuing to ask "Where are we going???"  and I saw a shopping mall off to the side of the highway...and said   "SHOPPING".  We will just stay here for a few days until we can figure it out.  Or phone the family and say "We can't get back...we don't know how it works."  (A line from Wizard of Oz)  Notice I titled this post "Dumb and Dumber".  You may be wondering at this point if it really was the instruments or us.  Let's just leave it at the instruments...k? 
The drive there was really pleasant.  I had never been to Iowa before and was amazed at how neat and beautiful their farms were.  It is funny how you notice things that aren't familiar to you.  I saw a cloud of smoke ahead of us at one point...and thought it was a fire or something.  It was nothing more than a truck on a gravel road.  Right off the highway we saw these gravel roads that I assume are owned by the families that own the farm.  I am guessing that they have the right to pave or not pave that road.  We just don't really see that here.  Most of our roads are paved and they are called service roads and are maintained by the city.  I will guess that because of the size of the farms, which by the way are HUGE compared to ours, they just can't maintain their own roads by paving them and keeping them maintained. I said before, if you are not used to seeing notice and then wonder about it.  I just don't think I have ever seen as many beautifully maintained farms as there are in Iowa.  I will try later to record the Quilt Show.  Have to get busy catching up right now.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
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