Friday, December 10, 2010

A Meal Fit For A Queen....and King

Last night Bob and I attended a Parish Council Christmas Dinner and it was all prepared beautifully by one of our Deacon's.  Bob has been on the Parish Council for the past 3 years and this is the second dinner I have enjoyed.  Last year I was sick and believe me...I was very have missed one of these meals.  This man and his wife are excellent cooks.  I don't think I have ever dined at a 5 star restaurant...that I remember....but I personally give this a 5 star rating.  We started with appetizers of shrimp cocktail and assorted cheeses and crackers and this yummy dish called
It is a Pampered Chef recipe. 
Very tasty.

Then we had Spiced Carrrot-Apple Soup with Fresh Mint

This was served warm.  I could eat this every day.
After the soup we had Lettuce with a Lemon Zest Dressing.
The dressing was made with 4 Tablespoons Olive Oil and 2 Tablespoons White Wine Vinegar 
with 1 teaspoon of Lemon zest. 
It was a light  that did not ruin your appetite for the main dish.

He poured a Teriyaki Apple Butter Sauce over the meat..
16 ounces of apple butter
4 ouces teriyaki sauce
2 Tablespoons onion powder
2 Tablespoons cinnamon
2 Tablespoons vanilla

If I were looking through recipes at home and saw this.. I doubt I would have ever tried to make it.  But after tasting it, I can tell you it was worth all the effort he put into it.  Very tasty.  When you don't know what you are going to eat  beforehand taste this and that.. and it becomes a game.  What's that taste?  Is that....? My husband was the one who figured out that the sauce had Apple Butter in it.  I was still trying to figure out the fruits in the pork.

One of the  side dishes was Golden Corn and Saffron Polenta  which was just "okay" for me.  I am glad that I had a chance to try it, because again I would never have tried to make this. 
The photo below is what it looks like minus the meat.  

Our green vegetable was really really tasty and again...not one that I would have tried to make at home.  It was Chef Zak Pelaccio's Brussel Sprouts.

And our dessert was Caramel Cashew Cheesecake shown below. 

I can't remember the last time  I tasted REAL whipped cream for a topping.
It was all too perfect.  
And I wanted to remember it all I decided to write it all down for reference later when I get inspired to make some really tasty food.
Click on the links to find the recipes.  Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Form of Laziness....

I love this new way of making a bed where the top sheet and comforter are turned down like the photo above...and the pillows just plopped up.  This morning I decided to see if I could make the bed while I was still in I didn't have go to the other side of the bed when I got up.   My husband happened to come in the room right about that time and I had to confess.  I told him I was creating a new form of laziness. We cracked up laughing.  Depending on how well we slept.. reflects on how messy the sheets and comforter are the next morning.  Someone must have not slept well last night because I was having trouble getting the sheet to match up with comforter.  As I struggled with my new form of laziness technique, my husband said..."If you keep trying, you might be done by bedtime."  We started the day off with a great laugh.  I hope the rest of the day goes as well....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Missing Color Already...

It seems like yesterday that our back yard looked like this.  Actually it was just about 3 weeks ago.  Now the leaves are all on the ground and the temps are in the teens.  No snow yet but I am sure it is coming.  In spite of the weather, I managed to get up today and feel very good...spiritually.   I still have a sore throat and cold and body aches.   I went to the dentist today for my final filling and left feeling really good about what a great dentist he is.  About this time last year I went to a really bad dentist, who over charged and did sloppy work.  This dentist I have now almost does the opposite.  He does excellent work...he checks and rechecks and checks again to make sure it is done right.  He also...dare I say it...almost undercharges.  Wow...what a difference a year makes.  We also are getting very close to the completion of our church renovations and will hopefully be back in our church by Christmas.  We got the tree up and the decorations all out yesterday.  Maddie and her Daddy made a gingerbread house together, while the rest us of enjoyed watching them.  Kayla is getting close to talking and likes to scream.  Right now it is hilarious.  Life is good for today.

The Cats

 A couple of weeks ago these little kittens and their mommy showed up at our back door and we fed them.  The mother cat seemed to be a very good mother because she made sure all of her kittens ate first and only after they were finished did she go eat what was left.  Every day I would check to see if they ate whatever I put out there.  It was always gone the next morning so I assumed they were managing on what I was giving them.  The white one is really really cute and only came back maybe a few times after the first day.  I think someone that could have cats inside.. may have taken her in... because she was probably the cutest of the three... at first glance.  The yellow one came back last week and would come right up to the window and meow.  This one seemed to be really attached to its mother...always trying to get under her to nurse.  Now this week it seems the darker one has reappeared with its mother.  I can't figure out why we see one kitten at a time for one week and then not the others and wonder if they will ever reappear all together again.  Only one night about 2 weeks ago did I see them all together nursing from the Mom.


 The last kitty.

 Last week I saw two adult cats come for the food and no kittens.  One cat looked just like the mother of the kittens only it was quite a bit larger.  And earlier that week a raccoon ate the food.  Then today I saw this yellow cat. 

 I am wondering if this could be the Dad because one of the kittens was like the yellow one here. 

 I have a feeling they will  be on their way soon.  I can't keep feeding all the stray cats.  I was so surprised to see so many of them that just roam around.  I have seen cats off and on in  the neighborhood before and I just assumed someone had outside cats.  None of the ones I have seen though has had a collar.  At first I felt so bad for them because our temperatures have been below freezing, but they seem to know what to do to take care of themselves.  I think insides cats are always wanting to get outside sometimes...and some outside cats are always wanting to get inside.  I think they do better outside if you have a barn or building for protection.  They seem happy exploring about wherever they fancy.  We had 2 cats when we were first married.  I remember them being very independent, and wanting to run out the door if it opened.  Oh well...I think they are adorable and fun to watch, but I can't keep them so I wish them well.

Clifford 1994 to 2009

Clifford   1994 to 2009
The Best Dog Ever