Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Movie Debut....

Yesterday we volunteered to allow an Occupational Therapist student film our home.. and us...showing her fellow students how to do an assessment interview for an in-home visit.   Bob's was for an arthritic client and mine was for a diabetic client.  We don't have either one of these in real life, so we had to develop some quick acting (lying) skills.  The hardest part of doing this for both of us...was trying to act our age, and not crack jokes while our daughter was filming.  We came up with a lot of them in our heads...but I tried very hard to control myself, so that I would not embarrass our daughter and ourselves.  I hope it went okay for her...and I hope I never have to actually watch it.  I think I heard our daughter say she may attend the film debut when it comes to the theater at Wash U sometime in February.  It did make us more thankful that we don't have any major health problems...yet.. and  we offer up many prayers for people whose health problems present them with challenges everyday of their lives.  What a blessing my daughter, who is an Occupational Therapist, and all others in the medical field.. are for trying to find ways to help these individuals live an easier life.  I know people in the health field must feel depressed many days because they don't always feel like they can do enough...or help some clients enough ...for various reasons...but the efforts and kindness they show to others hopefully does make a huge difference to many.
 I thought when I first started typing out this post that I was going to make it a humorous post all about Bob and I feeling silly about filming this....but the words changed as I started typing into words of... gratitude.


Rudee said...

What a fun thing to do, Brenda. When will you walk the red carpet? When you do will you add a walker just for show?

The only days I get depressed with my health care job is the day after the lottery when I realize I still have to go to work.

The Bug said...

After taking a tumble today I realized that I had better appreciate my good health while I have it! I do have arthritis, but it's not debilitating.

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, that must have been fun for you and Bob. But you are right, you should be grateful you don't have either one of those health problems. I have both, arthritis and am a type 2 diabetic. I control that with diet, and am doing well with it. The arthritis doesn't stop me from doing anything, I just put up with some of the pain. If I stayed mostly inactive, becuase of it, I think it would be worse. Lots of movement, exercise, etc. are the key to both, in my case. Life is still good. The end of my sermon. LOL

Have a great week, Brenda

Winifred said...

I know what you mean about keeping your face straight Brenda. It's really hard. As you say it's not an easy thing to watch yourself on video. I remember when I was training to be a careers adviser, I had to have lots of my interviews videod. Really stressful! Would have been very useful to see a video.

These training videos are really useful for students so your hard work will be really appreciated.

Sandy said...

Nice post and so true about how they help people live better....and wow, I didn't realize you had updated..I've been so darn busy lately.

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