Monday, January 3, 2011

Twilight Zone Days...

Some days I wake up and wonder if I am having a horrible Twilight Zone dream.  So many odd things have happened in the past few weeks.  A young woman was found dead at August Bush IV's mansion here in St. Louis and just a few days after the death, the news is reporting about a movie that someone wants to make about it.  Who will star August Bush IV?  Shocking!  If you haven't heard the headlines you can read some of it here.  The movie gossip... I saw on the evening world news.  What shocks me about this is the speediness of all this movie talk so soon after the young woman's death.
Next we have the oddest weather ever... with a tornado that killed 7 people.  One report said 6 and another said 7.  On New Year's Eve.  I think the temperature got up to 70 that day. Something green was growing out of one of our flower pots, and some moss in between our rocks.

Just a week or two before this is what it looked like out our window.  With single digit temperatures.

Then the other day Bob and I noticed a large amount of robins all over the neighbors yards and then they came to our yard.  I tried to take a movie of them, but it didn't turn out very well.  They were pecking at the ground like they were possessed or starving or something.   We commented that we have never seen robins migrate here like that.  Especially in January.  I woke up to this news today.

Thankfully I received a very nice Christmas gift this year.  This  back and shoulder wrap with moist heat and scented with the most heavenly smell.  It is filled with rice, eucalyptus, cloves and cinnamon.  I plan on using this often.


Gigi Ann said...

I heard about the girl in the mansion's death, but not about the movie plans. Do they even know what or who did it yet?

I also heard about the tornado, but, the birds and fish I never heard about, that was news to me.

Rest peaceful in your new wrap, and may the nightmares become sweet dreams.

Rudee said...

I didn't hear of the dead girl or the fish, but I did hear of the tornadoes and birds.

Definitely freakish happenings. I can see how you would need a moment or more of peace.

Happy New Year, Brenda. Watch out for those birds.

Myra said...

I heard about the birds on the new, but didn't know anything about the fish!!! The news tonight is supposed to reveal the reasons...
Great back wrap... I'd sure benefit from one of those!!! Enjoy! 8-)

I was just responding to a comment of yours when I realized, just before hitting the "send" button that you are a "noreply" still... So I cut an pasted it here...
Happy New Year to you Brenda!!! Hope you survived all the season's festivities!!!
We just finished with ours all last night... Thank God!!! Some times too much of a good thing, is just plain toooo much!!! lol!!! I've seem my kids, parents, siblings, and in-laws enough to last a month now!!! Exhausting.... 8-)
Hope 2011 is good to you!
PS: Don't bother responding to this in your comments, cause I won't be seeing it!

The Bug said...

It really has been freaky lately. But I want to know more about that wrap - I think Dr. M needs one of those!

Renie Burghardt said...

The past few days have definately been strange! If a bunch of dead birds landed in my field, I'd freak out. We haven't had snow yet, but have head some freezing cold weather, not to mention the 70 degrees and tornado warnings.

I have bunches of robins here in the cedar woods. They spend winter here, and don't migrate.

Got to get one of those back wraps! I have a bad back, and that sounds perfect.

Happy New Year, Brenda!



Sandy said...

There has been a lot going on. I can't believe that now the birds dropping are happening across the world in many places. I saw a graph..latest is China. The fish washing up too is weird. I've been following it and so far it is happening in different parts of the world...

That back wrap sounds wonderful.

happy new year..

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