Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Difference A Day Made.....24 little hours snow and kittens playing on the grass.

Today...12 inches of snow and 16 degrees.


The Bug said...

We're getting snow right now - 4-6 inches they say. Getting home is going to be fun!

Gigi Ann said...

The snow stayed south of us, it is sunny but very cold here in Iowa. Your little white kitten is so cute with it's pretty blue eyes.

Rudee said...

Oh my goodness. I'll not complain about that little one inch of snow I'm getting. We're way behind in snowfall this year--not that I'm complaining.

BJ said...

That kitten is beautiful! And the snow looks so pretty. We're supposed to get a few inches tonight. I love the snowfall & the calm that it brings. What I don't like is ice!

We've managed to escape getting really dumped on where I live...but the East Coast has really been in all of the storm's path. After 80+ inches last year....I won't complain about a foot or less...LOL.

Sandy said...

beautiful but it looks so darn cold!!

Winifred said...

That kitten is so pretty. Where do they go when the weather is bad?

Renie Burghardt said...

That kitten is adorable. I hope it has a warm place to go to, when it's snowy and cold.

We got 5 inches of snow. Very pretty, but ugh!

Stay warm!



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