Monday, February 14, 2011

Sixty Is the New Forty....

Today Bob turned 60 and we had a meal and cake celebration for him yesterday.  The day filled with family all together and helping with the meal preparation meant so much to me...and I know for Bob as well.  It is little times that this that make everything in the world feel right and good.  In the photo above...Maddie is making her first cake with some help from Uncle Bobby.
Here she is icing the cake and sharing some of it with Grandpa.

Katy and Bobby help Maddie snap the ends off of the beans.

 Later Grandpa tries to rock Kayla to sleep.  Bob bought this rocking chair when he lived in Minneapolis before we met each other.  We rocked our children in it when they were babies and now our grand children.

He started out holding both kids but ended up posing with one at a time.
Kayla really wanted to get the cake, and did manage a few times to  eat some of it.

Turning Sixty is not that bad.  Happy Birthday Bob!  We love you!


The Bug said...

Happy birthday Bob! Looks like a great time with family.

Reader Wil said...

Happy Birthday to your Bob! Have a great time together as often as it is possible!

Gigi Ann said...

What can I say, that was just to cute. ; )

Sandy said...

I loved seeing the photos and the video of Bob's special day The kids are so cute and Maddie must be so proud to have made a cake for her grandpa....

happy birthday Bob...I'm just a few months older than you.

Renie Burghardt said...

If 60 is the new 40, is 70 the new 50? So at 74, I'm 54? That sounds good to me. :-)

What a lovely birthday celebration with his lovely family.

Happy Birthday, Bob! And many more!

Birthday Hugs, too. (I hope it's ok

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone! Yes Renie....he loves hugs!

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