Monday, March 14, 2011

Beware of those White Wooly Worms....

Last fall while I was pulling some weeds, I came upon this cute little fuzzy white woolly worm. I had never seen a white one before, so I looked it up on the computer and found that they are a sign of a bad winter ahead. This little worm got it right. I can't remember when we have had such a long cold and snowy filled winter.

This morning we awoke to school closings and at least 2 inches of the white stuff. It snowed all day long. Later in the week we are supposed to get 70 degree weather and then of course Spring officially begins on March 20...just five days away. What a winter we have had! But this is so very small in comparison to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I have been watching a lot of television for the past few months because we subscribed to Netflix with instant streaming. Last month I watched a National Geographic show called "Our Amazing Planet" that was made in 2005. It showed how all the elements in our earth have caused the earth to change over the past and how scientists are predicting what could happen in the future. There were some parts of the show that look just like what has happened in Japan. Now I want to back and watch the series again. It was scary but very interesting. I also watched the movie 2012 and really did not like it. I think it is possible for the earth to cause those kinds of disasters. But I was expecting the movie to be serious, and thought the scenes were just not very believable. If you have seen it maybe you know what I mean.
My grand children have been keeping me pretty busy these past few months. I watch them 3 days a week, and on the other days I catch up around the house and do the shopping, etc. My computer life has slowed down quite a bit. I hope to buy a new camera pretty soon and when the weather gets nicer... go out and have some fun with it. Now I am off to watch some more TV and do some knitting.


Rudee said...

Next fall, it would be appreciated if you'd refrain from gardening, lest you find another wooly white creatures.

New photos of your charges would be appreciated;-).

Sandy said...

It was good to read you. That's a lot of snow, I hope you warm up soon. Sounds like you are busy with the grandkids - we keep pretty busy too and are always off taking them somewhere.

The planet is going through amazing things. I have had the TV on quite a bit because of what happened in Japan.

The Bug said...

I'm with Rudee - stay out of the garden :)

bettyjf1 said...

LOL I'm with Rudee; Although AZ was very blessed this winter.. as we usually are in the cold months.
Two of my grand daughters are very scared about what might happen in 2012.. I've tried telling them the Mayan calendar would have gone further if the civilization had lasted longer :) Their fear reminds me of growing up in the "cold war" and the constant fear we felt as kids.. Glad you're doing well..

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