Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grandparent Talk

I am trying to delay doing work around the grabbed these cards and turned to a question.

I really did not pay all that much attention to service stations when I was younger, so I had to do a little research about them. In the 50's I was only in the car to take trips to visit relatives.   There were service attendants that came out to the car and pumped your gas, cleaned your windshield front and back and headlights, tail lights, checked your oil, looked at your fan belt and radiator hoses and checked the tire pressure.There was no added fees for these services.   I am pretty sure you had to pay cash.  When I began driving in the early 70's I think they had all of the same services but you  could use a credit card.  The attendant brought out a clipboard for you to sign your credit slip on.  You never got out of the car, unless you wanted to use the restroom or to get a soda or something inside.  Most service stations had mechanics that worked on your car.  There were usually just 2  stations connected to the building.  I remember getting my oil changed and tires rotated, etc. at these stations.  I read where they gave things away at some stations, like free glasses and green stamps, but I don't have a memory of that.  Our grocery stores gave away green stamps towards catalog purchases.  The price of regular gas varied from 33 cents a gallon to 35 cents during the 60's.  I am pretty sure that most families only had one car.  A few families had 2 if they could afford it.  In the 70's when I was actually driving... the gas price was 36 cents a gallon.  Not much of an increase.  It seems today most families have at least 3 cars and maybe more.  High school kids usually have a car by junior year.  That was not the case when I was in high school.  I only knew of one girl who had a car.   When she picked us up we all had to chip in on the gas to ride around.  Having those service attendants was so nice!  I can not imagine we will ever see that again.
I can not believe how much gas has gone up lately.  It is around $3.80 a gallon now.  Yikes!


Renie Burghardt said...

Gas is $3.56 in my area. We still have one service station where they will fill your tank and wipe your window, etc. But gas is .10 cents more there.

I didn't learn to drive until the mid-70s, when I got divorced and had to get a job. Had to also learn to drive, of course. I don't remember what gasoline cost at that time. You have a great memory, Brenda.

Have a great Sunday!


The Bug said...

I remember when I was a teenager that there was a period where you had to pay extra to use a credit card - there was a cash price & a credit price for gas. That might have just been the convenience store I worked at, but I think it was prevalent in our area.

Dr. M & I drive a LOT to get to our jobs - we work about 80 miles apart & live in the middle - so we drive about 150 miles a day. Our monthly gas expenditure has gone from $300 to over $600! We're pretty concerned about it!

Patty said...

And that price is ridicules. It was $3.85 the other day, then they dropped it to $3.78. By Tuesday it will be a little lower, but not much, but it' also the start of Easter week-end coming, so who knows. Thanks for your visits.

Reader Wil said...

Very interesting Brenda! I don't think our highschool students own cars. All of them have bicycles and some of them mopeds. They are only allowed to drive a car when they have reached the age of 18.I have no car and I can't drive, but I have a bicycle.

Brenda said...

I wonder how many people visit the one where they still service your car. It would be nice if they didn't charge 10 cents more. Thanks for your visits!
Hugs to you also.

That is really awful. No one should have to pay that much to get to work. I don't remember the prices being different for credit vs cash...but it doesn't surprise me.

I know you have been really busy. I try and visit people when I can. Thanks for stopping by!

That is great that you have a bicycle. I bet you are in great shape. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I remember those days.. :) at 15c a gallon gas

Sandy said...

wow thanks for the memories.

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