Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just having some fun...

I was going to do a blog post about all the beautiful weddings we have attended in the past 7 years....just because of the Royal wedding coming up this Friday....but I was unable to locate my photos.  It is unfortunate that I can not find them  because Royal wedding or not...we have attended  some really beautiful ones.  Our daughter and son-in-law's was very beautiful.  Now you would think that I would have those wouldn't you?  Well....I do... but they are not scanned into my computer....and I am too lazy to locate them right now.

While I was looking for them...I ran across these,  About a year ago, I got an iPhone and one of the first apps that I downloaded was one called "Old Photo Booth".  The young man on the left is our son at a restaurant.  Little did he know that I was going to turn him into the fella on the right.  I think that is suppose to be a Godfather gangster look.    It is hard sometimes to line the face up with the old photo. 

 My next subject was our son-in-law...who gladly posed for the photo.  I turned him into a hippy professor?

These four are my hubby with various looks.  I think my favorite are the bottom two.  I crack myself up every time I look at them.

I would like to say that these are from the old photo booth...but they are my high school photos.  Dig the white glasses.  I think I should let old photo booth use these.

The one on the right is my safari look.  Out of Africa.  Or maybe Beekeeper?

I have no idea what these are.  But the one on the left looks very much like my white glasses look.
The weather has been so lousy here...and I am beyond exhausted...so I just thought I would try and give some of my readers a little laugh.


Anonymous said...

Love the app! Love the photos too. Ah the good old days

The Bug said...

Those are fun! You were a hottie - love the white glasses!

Rudee said...

I adore those white glasses!

Sandy said...

hahahahah, so fun...

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Clifford   1994 to 2009
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