Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Camera

 Japanese Maple

 I have been contemplating buying a new camera for a long time now.  I have read about what different cameras do and don't do, and asked everyone I know what kind they have and if they like it, etc.  I finally became so overwhelmed at trying to pick one...I just went with a Sony Cybershot for around $200. 

 It has a 25 mm wide angle lens and an optical zoom 10x with a panorama and a HD movie feature.

 I went outside and tried it out...while we had a brief moment of dry weather.  I am pretty happy with it.

I think one of my favorite features is going to be the zoom.  I took the one of the cat in our gully from a distance and I think it turned out great.  It also has smart auto, which for me will be a big plus.  I used to try to use the different settings on my other cameras and did not have all that much luck with them.  Tomorrow I will get to try out the movie part with the babies having their Easter fun.  Have a wonderful Easter!


The Bug said...

These pictures are great Brenda! I need a new "pocket" camera - my old one is eating batteries. Maybe I can use my Christmas money from my dad to get one. I hope I remember to ask you about yours then :)

Sandy said...

wow great clear shots....that flower is gorgeous

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