Friday, May 13, 2011

The Day The Blogs Stood Still....

I haven't heard what went wrong with blogger yesterday...but after doing some blog hopping I realized it wasn't just me.  All "blogger" blogs were reporting problems.  I tried to start a post but was unable to... so we shall see how this one pans out.  We had a Birthday Supper for our little Kayla who turned one yesterday.  Today both Grandmas took them to the Zoo and Katy was able to join us in the afternoon.

Maddie wanted to see the monkeys.

Mr. Toucan

We got to see a peacock spread his feathers.

And Mama and baby elephant.

Baby elephant was taking a bath.

This is Eileen, Brian's Mom (and the girls Grandma)
These photos aren't very flattering of us...but it was HOT and humid and... hey....we aren't movie stars...we are Grandmas.  And proud of it!


Sandy said...

oh my gosh that is a wonderful photo of you and Kayla and happy birthday to her...

love your elephant pics, i saved them off to sketch some day....

i bet you had a great time and fun seeing the other pretty gramma too.

Rudee said...

Kayla is one? How did that happen so fast? Happy Birthday, Kayla!

And Brenda, you look so content with your little sweetieheart.

The Bug said...

What great elephant pictures! Reminds me of the dove ones I posted today. Except, you know, a LOT bigger :)

Great pics of the grandmas - I think you both look fabulous!

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